Tigers By Tobias Simpson

Tigers are wonderful animals! Scroll down to learn or know more about them!


First, you need to know what the tiger's classification is. Tigers are mammals. They just do not have fur but they have orange fur (or a coat, whichever you prefer) with black stripes. They may have white stripes too. Tigers are predators to prey however means that they are predators.

When tigers are born, the female tiger cares for her own cubs. The cubs stay with their mothers for two years. The mother teaches the cubs how to hunt and what to hunt. When they are old enough, they practice their hunting skills with a extreme game of tag. Half of the cubs do not survive in their first year mainly due to starvation. The cubs that do survive live life on their own.

Tigers live in very unique habitats such as the flooded mangrove forests and the arid forests. Or they may live in the classic tropical forests. They may live in the snowy parts of Russia.

What do tigers eat you ask? Tigers may prefer pigs and deer while in Asia it may be a rhino or a elephant calf. How do tigers catch their prey? They pounce on their prey and bite on the neck to kill them. They may sneak up on their prey. Tigers eat as much as they can for the next week or two.

Are the tigers endangered? The tigers are highly endangered due to hunting and pollution. Tigers are hunted for their fur and body parts. This is why their body parts can be sold for a lot of money. The shocking part about them is that there are no more that 5,000 tigers in the wild.

All of this information can be found at http://animals.sandiegozoo.org/animals/tiger and Stone, Lynn M. Tigers. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing Group, 2004. Print.


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