A Hippie's Garden AdventureS in container gardening

There once was a squirrel named Rockie who liked to hang out on a tiny deck eating peanuts with her friends.
Like Joe, the cardinal.
Rockie occasionally liked to lay in the tomato plant pot. She wasn't normal, but she made the Hippie happy.

The Hippie liked to hang out on the tiny deck and spend time with the animals. But something was missing.

So the Hippie decided to make a garden with tiny plants in tiny pots on the tiny deck.
Soon, the garden grew bigger and the Hippie was happy.
The doves were happy.
And Rockie was happy, too.
Even old Joe was happy.
The little plants grew and grew, with vines, flowers, and fresh veggies.
Like these.
Soon, new friends came to visit the tiny Hippie garden. This is Poppy.
Some friends hung out for a while.
Others were just passing through.

Everyone who visited loved the little space the Hippie made.

But, all seasons must come to an end. Poppy moved on for the winter and the plants began to reach the end of their time in the tiny garden.
And as they did, the Hippie began to dream her dreams of next planting season in her tiny Hippie garden.

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