Police Accountability

The Main Issue:

Police accountability involves holding both individual police officers and law enforcement agencies responsible for providing basic services of crime maintaining and crime control and the enforced fair treatment all individuals within the law abiding regulations.

Many recent civilian deaths that were left at the hands of police officers have created a huge national debate reguarding the question of whether or not the use of excessive force and racial bias has taken place in our law enforcement. It is believed that some of our law enforcement has taken advantage of their positions and abused their legal abilities provided to them by our government.


This has raised much concern in our society today, now many citizens worry about their safety and well being due to the fear of unreliable law enforcement. Our preamble stated that our country will establish justice, insecure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare, but now this is being questioned.

Cost & Benefits:

Cost- The biggest problem is that they can't be held liable and because they tend to discriminate against those whom are of a different culture or ethnicity or religion. If cops do something they shouldn't do knowing better, they should be held responsible and have to face the consequences for that action just as any other person would.

Benefits- Our society still has some element of safety, to where when we see cops we should feel an element of relief knowing that security is enforced and the civil rights of all citizens are just.

Who Does This Influence

This is hard for people in today's society especially those of a minority group but this will only further pose problems for future generations to come.


Who will vote to fix police brutality? Memebers in the Supreme Court would produce laws that would enforce regulations for law enforcement to abide by. These laws will protect the rights of both the citizens and the police offers. These laws will prevent racial discrimination for all who is involved. The people of the US will then vote to put these laws in place.

Constitutional Muster

There are certain amendments in our constitution that provide certain rights to our citizens to protect them from being wrongfully accused. Some of the amendments that are included in protecting our rights are freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, the right to a lawyer, the right to hear your Miranda rights.


It may definitely be a difficult task but it can still be done. The implementation will take place through the Supreme Court. Once the ideas of fixing police brutality are expressed it will be up to citizens to take action. If this is voted on laws will be passed to where the memebers of thisgroup will work to put this in place in our society. Once the laws are voted upon,

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