Words of a Nurturing Nurse The nurse's blog

Hi, I am The Nurse as most of you may know me. Throughout this blog I will post daily news and events on what takes place on this journey we call life in the lovely rustic city of Verona.

This is the place I call home, beautiful Verona.

Day 1: So, it was a very nice peaceful day in Verona and I just doing as I do was ordered to get Juliet from her mother Lady Capulet. As I go and get her and bring her downstairs to her mother I am told to leave then abruptly come back. As I walk in Lady Capulet is talking about how Juliet should marry, and I am very well not a big fan of that idea. Juliet is way to young, at least for marriage. I had cared for her almost in fact every single day when she was younger and now she is too young I don't know what they are thinking. I know it must be an honor and we must push her to marry him but, I still say she is to young for my liking. Despite my liking I did still tell her to get it though.

Day 2: So as some of you may know the wonderful well mannered gentleman Lord Capulet has thrown a gigantic mascaraed ball in hopes Paris may find another girl other than his beloved daughter Juliet . At the end of the ball I was looking for Juliet and you will never be able to imagine what I saw. Juliet was lip -locked with a man!! Can you believe that? So, I went to go see whom this man was and it was no other than Romeo Montague our rival in the feud . I could not imagine how I was going to tell Juliet , all she kept saying is she would rather not live than to live without that young man but, I did. She looked at me with despair. I knew I had to do something.....

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in"

Day 3: Okay so as you know I am very supportive of Juliet and all of her decisions and I can see that she truly likes Romeo so today I set out on a venture to go seek Romeo and find out what the Friar has said about the marriage of Romeo and Juliet's marriage. I went out very early in the morning to seek him. I also went with Peter as my side. As I first confront the gates I see two guys, they are making rude and wrongful comments but who am I to say anything. I then ask for young Romeo himself and what my eyes do not see he was right in front of me, he quickly asks me what Juliet is like and I tell him she is the sweetest thing and good-hearted person I had ever met. I then quick ask him of what does Friar think of the marriage and beyond all beliefs he agreed to marry them. As soon as I bid him farewell, I went home. At first I wanted to blurt it out but I realized that would not be a good idea and I can try to see if Juliet actually likes him or she just wants to get married, therefore I consistently kept stalling till Juliet reached her breaking point. I had then said that he agrees to marry them and Romeo will come get you tomorrow. I had never seen her in such a good, joyful mood as that one moment.

To be honest I stalled Juliet for a very very long time to see if her love for Romeo was true and that it is. In all my years with her that one moment when she heard everything would go through and she shall be married tomorrow she lit up like a light bulb. It was the happiest i have ever seen her.

Day 4: As I was fetching the cords to make it easier for Romeo and Juliet to spend nights together as a happily married couple, I had heard of terrible news....the sweet young Romeo I knew of married to my beloved Juliet had slain Tybalt a family member to the Capulets. I go now to give Juliet the cords and tell her the news she can't even reason why he would do such a thing. As I sit there and cry she does nothing to comfort me whatsoever, I ask her what is wrong why don't you care so much your cousin has just been killed what shall you do besides sit there. And can you believe her one and only words were "how is Romeo?" Who in their right mind would do this, but then I then realize Romeo was her family too. I then quickly say the three words that truly broke her heart Romeo is banished... I've never seen her face turn so pale so fast.

It makes me so mad that Juliet has the attitude to totally not even care about her dead cousin and only care about Romeo.

Day 5: Romeo is now almost banished and Juliet and I are in a feud of our own but as i'm doing my daily round abouts I hear Juliet being yelled at and I soon join the conversation. I quickly learn Juliet has went against her father saying she doesn't want to marry Paris and rather marry a Montague. How ironic would that be, moving on . As I am losing I can quickly see Lord Capulet losing his anger. He is proclaiming that Juliet was the biggest mistake to ever come on the name and the house of The Capulets especially to him. I would never be able to say that but Juliet was slowly ticking me off. I pulled her aside and said marry Paris and forget Romeo and everything will be better for all of us .... Let's just say that was not what she wanted to hear and she flipped. Not only has she lost Romeo she has lost her family and now she has lost me her only provider.

This was me as I watched my poor Juliet suffer.Even though she has done so much wrong she should not be disowned like this.

Day 6: You guys will never believe what happened today! Juliet came rushing in the house with a change of heart and now she is willing to marry Paris, I cannot believe what I am seeing with my eyes.... Thank the Lord she has listened to me. As of now everyone in the house is good and the marriage has been pushed up a day. I cannot wait!

I'm so happy she has finally agreed to marry Paris, everyone has waited for this and hopefully she will forget about Romeo for good cause I don't believe he is coming back........


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