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"Teacher Appreciation" festivities continued throughout May, honoring the commitment and contributions of our teachers to their students across the District, particularly during this pandemic year. Our Transition Academy students hand-delivered certificates of appreciation to teachers (with donations made to SEPTA in their honor). WATCH VIDEO here.

May, 2021

District Highlights

  • Mamaroneck Teacher Recognized as Dual Language Teacher of the Month
  • Hommocks Principal and Guidance Counselors Speak to Rising 6th Graders
  • MUFSD Among Few Districts Continuing to Make Music During Pandemic
  • Taking Advantage of the Great Outdoors More Than Ever Before
  • Students Learn Valuable Skills Through Gardening
  • Two MHS Students Win National Merit Scholarships
  • Spring Athletics Highlights: MHS Record Broken in Track, Unified Bball Begins
  • WATCH Virtual Performances Presented by PACE Seniors
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  • Voting Day is Here! Vote Tomorrow May 18 at Your Local Elem School

Mamaroneck Kindergarten Teacher Kristie Almeyda Recognized as Dual Language Teacher of the Month

Kindergarten Dual Language Teacher Kristie Almeyda -- who along with Mindy Friedman and Juliana Sage helped support the start of our Dos Caminos/Dual Language program (now in its ninth year) in Mamaroneck Schools -- has been named Dual Language Teacher of the Month.

I know what an absolute gift Dual-Language is not only for students’ social-emotional development, but for their physical brains."
Shown Above: Ms. Almeyda with some of the students in our first Dos Caminos/Dual Language Program cohort that started in Kindergarten and are now in 7th grade at Hommocks. Ms. Almeyda is being recognized by Dual Language Schools as the "Dual Language Teacher of the Month".
Ms. Almeyda stays in touch with her students as they move on in the grades. Here she is with some of her same original Kindergarten students as featured in top photo, but in 5th grade. The Dual Language program will be expanded through the 8th grade next school year.

Hommocks Principal Dr. Sackey and Guidance Counselors Speak to Rising 6th Graders

Hommocks Principal Dr. Al Sackey has been making the rounds to elementary schools and on Zoom with full-remote students, joining guidance counselors as they speak to 5th graders about what they can expect and look forward to in middle school this September. Preparing students for the transition between schools in our system (from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school) is a priority each spring.

Hommmocks Principal Dr. Sackey greets and visits with 5th graders across the District to introduce himself and join guidance counselors in speaking about the middle school.
Above: Hommocks guidance counselors visit Murray Ave. School to speak with 5th graders about the school team structure, courses offered, the daily schedule and various activities available to them in middle school. Most importantly, they were able to meet some of their biggest supporters, who will be by their side throughout their Hommocks journey and beyond!
Dr. Sackey and guidance counselors also visited with full-remote 5th graders.

Mamaroneck Among Few Districts that Continued to Make Music Throughout Pandemic

For the first time in 15 months, the Hommocks Middle School Jazz Band came together to perform live in-person for the Mamaroneck Board of Education and community at the May 4th BOE meeting. Mamaroneck is only one of a handful of districts that continued to make music all throughout the pandemic. Take a glimpse of the jazz band's performance HERE.

The Hommocks Jazz Band kicked off the May 4th Board of Education meeting with a live performance, coming together for the first time in 15 months.

Taking Advantage of the Great Outdoors More Than Ever Before: New Ways Will Stay Beyond Pandemic

Some of the new outdoor routines and traditions formed from the need to have students outside due to capacity within schools are sure to stick beyond the pandemic. Reading and writing outdoors and eating lunch with friends at any one of the 50 new picnic tables set up at our schools is now commonplace. We have had some glorious spring weather, and it seems students this spring more than ever have enjoyed the great outdoors.

New outdoor routines for reading, dining, and doing schoolwork are being established. They began during the pandemic and, in many cases, will be here to stay.

Students Learn Valuable Skills Through Gardening

Our spring outdoor gardens offer opportunities to teach life skills such as gardening and cooking, provide students with a real-time look at how food is grown, and build enthusiasm for eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Our beautiful gardens also provide important connections for students to their school.

Students across the grade levels have been busy planting in our school gardens. Above: Central School students look forward to enjoying the results of their hard work later in the spring!

Hommocks Middle school family and consumer science students have worked in the garden this month preparing the beds for planting and creating a new weed barrier for the pathways by layering newspaper, cardboard and a top layer of wood chips donated from the Town of Mamaroneck. Students ask everyday “are we going to the garden” - it’s a welcome break from being on computer screens so much of the day!

Hommocks Family and Consumer Science Students find working in the garden to be a welcome break.

Two MHS Students Win National Merit Scholarships

Mamaroneck High School's Abby Tucker has been named a 2021 National Merit Scholarship winner, and Greg Gold is the recipient of a College-Sponsored (Vanderbilt University) Merit Scholarship award. The College Board has announced that these talented students were selected from about 1.6 million students nationwide, having fulfilled several requirements that included a detailed scholarship application as well as a record of very high academic performance. Congratulations Abby and Greg!

Above: Mamaroneck High School's National Merit Scholarship winners Abby Tucker and Greg Gold

Spring Athletics Highlights: MHS Breaks Record in Track for Mile, Unified Basketball Begins

TRACK NEWS: Earlier this month, sophomore Matt Doherty broke the 1600 Mamaroneck High School record with a 4:19.21 mile at the Loucks games and took 1st Place. Plus, Matt, Gent Malushaga, Jason Markopoulos & Sam Young came home w/the Gold in the DMR Distance Medley Relay. Their time (10:34.40) was best run in NY this spring. Then, at the Rasbeck Relays at Irvington High School, Doherty, Zobel, Malushaga, and Markopoulos took 1st Place again within a time of 10:30.5, bringing home both the meet record and a new MHS school record, as well as improving on their NY #1 time this season.

Sophomore Matt Doherty captures 1st Place at Loucks games, breaking MHS record in the mile. Mamaroneck team brings home the Gold in the w/the Gold in the Distance Medley Relay.

UNIFIED BASKETBALL: Unified sports teams are composed of students with disabilities playing alongside regular education students on the same team. The athletes train together, work on staying healthy, and compete against other schools. Most of all, their goal is to have fun. Everybody is looking forward to their 4-game season.

Unified Basketball just began a 4-game season. Teams comprised of students with and without disabilities practice and train together in preparation for competition against other schools.

PACE Senior Nights, Plus 'Little Mermaid' on the Horizon

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Don't forget to vote! If you are voting by absentee, you must first complete an absentee ballot application. Download and print the application here. If your reason for using an absentee ballot is COVID-related, check “temporary illness or physical disability” in Section 1. The application must be personally delivered to the District Clerk’s office (open at 8 am) at Mamaroneck High School by 4 pm on Monday, May 17; at this time, a ballot will be handed to the registered voter directly or the person authorized. A ballot may not be given to anyone other than the voter or the person authorized by the voter to pick up the ballot on his/her behalf. Contact Joanne Rice, District Clerk, at 914/220-3007 with any questions.

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