The story of Duke Ellington April 29 1899 - may 24 1947 By daemond wallace

This is Duke Ellington he was a amazing jazz player he played the piano in his band he was born on April 29 1899 he was a vary nice guy he died on may 1974 he is from Washington D,C U,S,A and he died in New York City Duke Ellington had a wife and her name was Edna Thompson At the age of 19, Ellington married Edna Thompson, who had been his girlfriend since high school, and soon after their marriage, she gave birth to their only child, Mercer Kennedy Ellington.

This is Washington in 1899 when Duke Ellington was born in April

This is New York City in 1947 whey Duke Ellington died in my of 1947

This is how his life went he was Senegal then he got married and had a son then he got old and still playing the piano and then on may 24 1947 he past away it was a sad day for us all

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