Citizen Cider Social Media Recommendation Toolkit


Citizen Cider is a small craft cider company started in Vermont in 2011 that prides itself on making it's cider from local apples and not from concentrate. Currently, Citizen Cider has a moderate social media presence, but no designated social media employee.

Purpose: Create wide- reach campaign that engages current followers and fans to promote the brand to their peers and friends. Implement social media events, contests, etc. to further engage followers.

Goal: To increase followers on each platform and drive more customers to come into the tasting room to experience Citizen Cider.

What You Can Do: Follow toolkit recommendations and post often on platforms. Use recommended hashtags. Include pictures in your posts

Key Campaign Themes

"It's not easier, but it's better"
"Never from concentrate, no added sugar"

Primary Handles

Instagram: @citizencider Facebook: @citizencider Twitter: @citizencider


#beagoodcitizen #beyondconcentrate #bythecitizensforthecitizens


Instagram: Post contest posts once a week for 3 weeks. Select winner after 24hours

Facebook: Facebook Live Event: Post Promo image a week before event, 2 days before event, and the day of.

Twitter: Post 3 times a day, beyond linking other platforms. Add original content.


Sample Instagram Contest Post

Instagram contest encouraging engagement with friends - increases awareness of Citizen's Instagram page and will increase followers

Platform Growth Opportunity

The social network, Untappd, is a resource that Citizen Cider can use to help with marketing. The app draws users from the craft beer (and cider) community who have influence over peers promoting craft beers and ciders. Engage with users on the platform and listen to customers' feedback.

Untappd Citizen Cider Feed for Unified Press, best-selling cider


Live Factory Tour

Sample Facebook post - a week before the event

Weekly Supper Club Events: Community Involvement

Post to Facebook and Instagram. Weekly community events like Supper Club demonstrate Citizen Cider's love and commitment to the community. With several long tables and no wait-staff assigning seating, they encourage a community meal.


Current strategy doesn't include any original content on Twitter feed, just links from Facebook and Instagram. With the company's creative and clever product names, they should utilize clever tweets.

Sample Tweet

Video Content

Post on all 3 platforms

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