One With Nature a trip to the florida museum of natural history


"Frogs! A Chorus of Colors" advertisement outside of museum

From the moment I stepped foot into the Florida Museum of Natural History to the moment I had to leave, I felt overwhelming appreciation for the beautiful planet we live on. While enjoying countless captivating and informational exhibits, I learned an extraordinary amount about the world around me. Visiting the museum really put into perspective the vast and beautiful world we live in.

Nature on Display

Mammoth Exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History

When making my way through the Natural History Museum, the Mammoth exhibit struck me as the most appealing and noteworthy. As soon as I walked into the museum, I was blown away by the size of this creature. It immediately drew me in and captured my attention. I wondered about all the bones that had to be collected in order to construct this complete beast. I appreciated the layout of the exhibit because you could look at the skeleton from all angles, and at each angle there was an informational poster with facts about the mammoth. By examining the skeleton and reading the informational posters, I learned the types of plants mammoths ate and how their teeth helped them do so and that they were 10-13 feet tall, weighing 6-8 tons. Both of these facts were greatly illustrated by the model. There were replicas of the teeth on an informational poster as well is on the actual skeleton, showing the grooves that help them chew leaves, grasses, twigs and tree bark. If I were to simply read about their height and weight, I wouldn't be able to fully understand how big they were. By looking at a skeleton, I was able to comprehend their size better. Overall, I found the museum to be very enjoyable, because of all the interactive, realistic, and captivating exhibits.

Nature & Ethics

Hammock Forests Exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History

The Florida Museum of Natural History opened my eyes when I came across the Hammock Forests Exhibit. Leopold calls us to "love, respect, and admire" the land, and this exhibit caused me to do exactly this. This realistic exhibit made me feel as though I was in the middle of a hammock forest, and allowed me to appreciate its beauty and wonder. As I went through the museum, I came across many exhibits that helped me appreciate nature. I felt the exhibits draw me in, and after reading about various creatures and ecosystems, I feel a greater responsibility for conserving the environment. I always knew that I had the ability to make a huge negative impact on the environment through my carbon footprint, but I never thought of it as that big of a deal. After being immersed in "nature", I feel more responsible for my actions. I now understand what my actions will have a direct impact on and I want to strive to do as much as I can to conserve the environment. I could tell that other people were feeling the same sense of wonder as they gazed at the mesmerizing exhibits. The museum allowed everyone to feel connected with nature, by providing both a visual representation and educational information of various ecosystems and animals. I truly feel that after exploring the Florida Museum of Natural History, I better understand the significance my responsibility in conserving the environment.

Nature & the Human Spirit

Various Butterflies within the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

The Florida Museum of Natural History allowed me to step out of my daily life, and step into a world of pure wonder and beauty. I especially felt appreciation for the mystery and majesty of nature as I explored the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit. I was amazed by how beautiful creatures of the earth can be. Hundreds of butterflies with brightly colored and intricately patterned wings fluttered about the exhibit. I came across a huge, blue butterfly that was about the size of my hand. It laid down on the ground in front of me and didn't even move when I took an extremely close-up picture of it. By viewing the beauty that is nature, I now see myself as just another beautiful creation that inhabits this planet. If I hadn't had visited the museum, I wouldn't have had this revelation. I have felt similar feelings in other instances where I have been immersed in nature on a hike or other outdoor activity, but the museum exposed me to so many different things that I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with the natural beauty the earth encompasses.

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