Needles and Spines Media Kit Natural Lifestyle Brand + Blog by Grace Spath


Grace Spath is the face behind Southern California lifestyle brand and blog, Needles & Spines. Once an independent and sustainable fashion designer who worked with companies such as Babiekins Magazine and Maven, she now helps bring sustainability to all aspects of life for herself and others. A born creative, she keeps aesthetics at the heart of all she does- from workshops, blogs, editorials, product recommendations, and limited release items.

Grace lives in San Diego where she homeschools her 3 children, homesteads modernly, creates lifestyle editorials, holds workshops, and simply enjoys being out in nature with her family as much as possible. Her entire family is vegetarian, and they strive for natural and sustainable living in all aspects of life. Though she grew up in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama, she loves the golden color and diverse beauty of Southern California, and aims to capture that feel throughout her branding, images, and items.


Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest: @needlesandspines

Elsewhere: @babiekinsmag

Let's Collaborate


Product Trade // For the next couple projects we are waiving the sponsorship fee for products. We would love to work with you and get your products in front of our followers.

What you will get: Full blog post talking about your company (you can even include a discount code if you like). Social Media post tagging your company and images taken for the feature to use on social media tagging @needlesandspines.

Brands We've Worked With

Babiekins Magazine. Velveteen Clothing. Galaxy Glitter. Big Future Toys. Maven. Opposite of Far. America's Next Kids Top Model. Chasing Windmills. Little Moon Clothing Co & More!