The Take Over How War infiltrates My Life

Used in everyday life as protection, the M4 protects soldiers from infiltrators and gives them peace of mind. It has also become common for those in the military or gun enthusiast alike to have M4s for personal use in the home. This is my BFs.
Governor Rick Scott can be seen riding in a military authorized Apache helicopter with protection from the Florida National Guard. The military is commonly used now to protect and guide influential politicians as they make their rounds.
The Florida National Guard can be seen blocking a street along the North East Coast of Florida during the evacuations of Hurricane Matthew. The use of the military as extra personal in emergency situations had become commonplace.
This is an Alachua County HUMV that has been used by the GNV police department to deal with a number of cases. Most notably in 2015, it was used in a routine traffic stop that caused much an uproar to the town. (
UF student advocating for the demilitarization of UF and of Gainesville in Plaza of the Americas.

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