Shotgun Rider Friday April 26th

"10 Bands To See This Year"

Rolling Stone Magazine writes why you should pay attention:

Growing up on a steady diet of emo, alt-rock, pop-punk and Texas country, Shotgun Rider claim George Strait and Kings of Leon as their biggest influences. But that unconventional combination doesn’t sound so strange to the duo’s Anthony Enriquez and Logan Samford. “A lot of it is just the generation we come from,” Enriquez says. “We had access to everything. Logan would tell me when they were getting ready for football games they’d be jamming Breaking Benjamin, and then after the game they’d be drinking beers on tailgates on the backroads, listening to country music.” Working with a combustible mix of high-flying vocals and textured electric guitars, the West Texas natives have graduated from three-hour cover sets to the celebrated Red Dirt club circuit. Following a handful of self-produced EPs, they’re set for the March 30th release of their full-length album debut, Palo Duro, which trends toward the windblown and wide-open sound their home in the Texas panhandle inspires.n.

Rolling Stone on why you should hear for yourself:

“Me and a Memory” sets the tone for Palo Duro, a nostalgic country-rock anthem built on electronic foundations and take-me-home vocals.

Tickets Are $10 In Advance.

Shotgun Rider @ Whiskey River Friday April 26th
Dancing Till 3am!


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