Germany By: Lucy reeter

The Southern part of Germany are the Alps which is the highest mountain range in Europe. In central Germany are the Harz mountains.

Germany has a lot of rolling plains. Rolling plains are good for farming.

In the Western part of Germany is the Rhine River. The Rhine River is the main waterway for transporting goods from the northern ports.

Germans usually speak German but they can also speak English.

Most Germans are Christians about 65% of the 70% of the population are followers of christian religion.

Usually Germans eat a wrapped around a thin sliced meat- usually beef but can also be veal or pork- around a filling of bacon or pork belly, chopped unions, pickles and usually mustard and then brownd and simmers in broth.

Football is Germany's best sport that they love is Football also known as soccer. Germany has won a total of 4 World Cups!

The Waltz is one of the most formal dance that the Germans dance to.

German men wear leather trousers in which is leather shorts and the length is about to the men knees. The women wear a ruffled apron dress.

Angela Merkel is the head of the government.

One of the most biggest wars was lead by Adlof Hitler when he tried taking over Germany.

Albert Einstein was one of the smartest man alive and was born in Germany.

Anne Frank was very important during the holistic she wrote in a diary about the holistic while she was hiding out and became one of the most successful book writers.

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