The Best Dragon I Have Ever Drawn By: skyler antalek

Paper,Pencil Let’s Go

The supplies you need are very easy to get if you want to draw easy and nice. You will need to draw with a pencil or two Make sure they are sharp and also couple pieces of paper. In fact, you need some tools(a type of a writing tool to help you draw). You Even need color pencils,markers,crayons The crayons come in different colors Same with markers,pencils Therefore, that is all of the supplies you will need to be able to draw very easy, Actually wait’ You need to know where to draw if you want to probably to do good you need to go a quiet place but if you don’t care what it looks like then just draw any where you want to draw OK, now you have every you need now you can now start.

This is a pencil and a pice of paper

Don't Know What to Draw, That's Just Wrong

Now you need to know what to draw and when.So, find your image(Type of picture) Also, Make sure you like the image that you want to draw .After you get the image you need to make sure that image is easy and good for you to draw after you got that perfect image to draw you got your paper now . it is time to start to draw finally.Time for you to start drawing now.

Dont know what to draw

Sketch Your Idea

Know you have to sketch your drawing. OK, you need to have a blank piece of paper so what you want to do is lightly draw the image but, do not draw hard .Still, do not color anything in . if you do, you might have to restart if you color to much on your drawing. Make sure that you have the right pencils .Sometimes I use different pencils, for different drawings if you are ready to finally do your sketch (trace your image that you sure drawing). After you started to do your sketch and even after you finish your sketch, then it is time to color after.

Sketch like this!

After you got that good picture done you might want to color. Now, you can finally start coloring to make your picture perfect.Now you can start .This is my favorite part out of all of them because you can make you drawing any color you want. Then, I copy the colors and sometimes I do random color.It matters if i like the drawing or if the drawing if you really like and you are sure you want to color it then start to color. You can color with color pencils,paint,crayons and even a regular pencil .I like to shade some times on my drawings Shading(Slightly drawing) can make it darker or lighter . It matters on the pencil you us.There now you know how to be a good drawer and able to get ready to draw.

should look like this when done


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