Above & Beyond in Red Clay February 2018

The Red Clay Consolidated School District is on a mission to prepare today's learners to thrive in tomorrow's world. Here are some of the inspiring individuals who are going above and beyond to make that happen.

Felicia Bennett empowers families in crisis as a visiting teacher from the Office of District Services.

Felicia Bennett

Red Clay District Office Team Member of the Month

"As a visiting teacher, Felicia empowers families in crisis to create positive change in their lives. It seems almost effortless how welcoming and approachable she is. Felicia is a resource and a wealth of knowledge, not only to families but to me as well! She is my go-to with any challenging situations or questions I have. In our department, she serves as a leader, often taking the lead on projects like setting up the Food Bank Mobile Pantry to feed the families we serve. Felicia also takes the lead on seeking out new trends and workshops for us, keeping us ahead of the curve."
Senior Christopher Clark goes above and beyond as a communications student at Alexis I. du Pont High School.

Christopher Clark

Red Clay High School Student of the Month

"The University of Delaware recently held a Celebration of Life ceremony for longtime football coach Harold (Tubby) Raymond who passed away in early December. A gathering was held later in the evening where close friends and family shared stories and memories of Tubby. A CommTech student, Chris used pictures that were sent to his teacher to create a poster of family photos that was featured prominently at the gathering. Chris went above and beyond to take on this project and it was perfect. As Tubby's daughter-in-law and an assistant principal here at Alexis I. du Pont High School, I greatly appreciate what Chris did for us."
Educational diagnostician Karin Cook (right) leads the special education team at Henry B. du Pont Middle School.

Karin Cook

Red Clay School Team Member of the Month

"Karin is an amazing educational diagnostician at Henry B. du Pont Middle School, going above and beyond every single day. As the leader of the special education team, she always makes herself available to help us write IEPs, analyze data and ensure that we are providing our students with the best learning environment possible. Karin is always on top of all paperwork, parent communication, teacher communication, and she maintains excellent relationships with her students. Karin truly does it all, and does it flawlessly."
Jessica Farrand and Jessica Terranova find new ways to make health and fitness fun for Red Clay students and staff.

Jessica Farrand & Jessica Terranova

Red Clay Operations Team Members of the Month

"Jessica Farrand and Jessica Terranova are a terrific team. They think outside the box to motivate us all in Red Clay to be fit, eat well and exercise daily. They work with EDtv to provide funny inspirational videos. They are great role models who are always available to answer questions and share ideas. We are lucky to have them!"
Debbie Fawcett raises the bar as a guidance secretary at Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Debbie Fawcett

Red Clay Secretary of the Month

"Debbie is the long-standing secretary in the guidance office at Cab Calloway School of the Arts, and I'm not sure how we would function without her! Her work ethic is commendable as she always puts in 110% effort with every assignment that comes her way. Her attendance is outstanding, and her ability to work through difficult situations and get things done in a timely fashion is exceptional. Fly, Debbie, Fly!"
Jermai Herring leads by example at Alexis I. du Pont Middle School.

Jermai Herring

Red Clay Middle School Student of the Month

"Jermai does a great job on a daily basis not just with his academics, but with his behavior and athletics. He works hard at everything he does and he truly goes above and beyond as a student at Alexis I. du Pont Middle School!"
Patti Jeffers, teacher at Brandywine Springs School, helps her students to believe in themselves no matter what.

Patti Jeffers

Red Clay Teacher of the Month

"Over the past 10 years, I have had many educational challenges. Of all the teachers I have had, Mrs. Jeffers at Brandywine Springs School is by far the best. She took the time to explain things to me and waited for me to understand before moving on. She encouraged me to do my best and she built me up. She made me feel good and made me believe that I could do it. Even though I was in a resource room, I didn't feel dumb. I finally felt smart. For the first time in middle school, I got it! Mrs. Jeffers still asks my mom how I am doing in high school. Most importantly, she not only cared about me, but she believed in me."
Jeff Moran of Discover Bank (back row, third from left) brings smiles and the spirit of giving to Red Clay schools in need.

Jeff Moran

Red Clay Partner of the Month

"Jeff Moran at Discover Bank has brought a whole new energy and enthusiasm to Red Clay. Thanks to Jeff's leadership, Discover Bank has helped bring dreams to life at Red Clay schools. From rewarding students with a day at the ball park, to giving every child a warm hat and pair of gloves in the winter, to arranging a surprise visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus, Discover Bank has made a tremendous impact on students in need. We are immeasurably grateful for partners like Jeff, whose dedication to giving back and supporting public education are a gift not only to our school district but to the larger community."
Art teacher Cindy Morris inspires students and staff by giving her all at Austin D. Baltz Elementary School.

Cindy Morris

Red Clay Teacher of the Month

"As the art teacher at Baltz Elementary School, Cindy spends every free minute she has in her day to help students reach their goals. Whether it is helping a student read in the morning before school, helping students with their art projects during her lunch break, or helping out her colleagues, she is always willing to give up her time for others. The students have a great connection with her and it is clear how much they grow in art class."
Guadalupe Ayala Segura makes every day a great day at Austin D. Baltz Elementary School.

Guadalupe Ayala Segura

Red Clay Elementary School Student of the Month

"Guadalupe is an outstanding student who represents Baltz Elementary School at its finest. He shows the 3Rs on a daily basis, coming to school every morning with a huge smile on his face, working hard, and helping his classmates whenever he can. Guadalupe motivates his friends and makes sure they know that nothing is impossible!"

Alexis Simms

Red Clay Paraprofessional of the Month

"Alexis is a true team player. She helps all the students in class without being asked to, she is a self-starter, and her professionalism is exceptional. She takes on responsibility beyond the scope of her assigned duties, and we can always count on her to be supportive of students and teachers here at Alexis I. du Pont High School. Having Alexis in class is like having another teacher!"
First-year teacher Kylie Truitt (center) is a rising star at William Cooke Jr. Elementary School.

Kylie Truitt

Red Clay New Teacher of the Month

"Kylie has worked so hard this year to make sure that she does everything possible to reach kids at Cooke Elementary. She comes to school early and plans lessons with students in mind. When she faces a challenge, she is not afraid to ask for help. Kylie is a fabulous new teacher who shows potential for great things!"

Do you know someone who goes above and beyond in Red Clay?

Tell us about a student, parent, employee or other inspiring individual who is going above and beyond to help Red Clay schools. Winners are announced at the beginning of each month.

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