Percy Jackson Project By: Tyler o'laughlin

Eric is the son of Hades and the wife is Jane. His eye color is gray. His hair is the color of a black. His special gift is that he has a staff that summons dead people from the ground. So basically he is a dark wizard.

Eric was a normal kid after he realized that he is actually a demigod of Hades, the god of the underworld. Eric only had 2 real friends before he found out about himself. Their names are Charlie and Vincent. Charlie is tall and always late for school. Vincent is shorter but always early to school. There was also a very bad bully his name was Collin. He always made fun of him and threw stuff at him and his friends. but the friends just took it and basically did not even care that they were getting bullied. But Eric did not want to go without a fight so he would always hurt Collin in some way. One time when he was going for a punch he missed and got pushed over by Collin but Eric got back up with a stick to hit him but it was no ordinary stick. When he went for a swing dead people came out from the ground and were hitting him. After this happened he was taken to a camp with his friends that also had special gifts. After a year at the half blood camp, he got to go on a quest where he has to save the world somehow.

The myth to all of this is that a guy named Erichus will have to kill a humungous monster named the Cahalast which has the strength of an elephant, the height of a pine tree, and he has an ice wip with a frozen shield. Erichus has the power of death so he has to kill this thing with his most special power, summoning the most best ogre in the underworld. He can summon one every 5 minutes so while he has that intact he can shoot him with his black stuff that comes out of the staff.

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