Broncofish Matthew Rosas - Period 7

Common name: Broncofish (scientific name: Fantastica horsica)

The broncofish is found in the tropical coastal waters habitat including coral reefs usually near the ocean floor. The ocean zones are epipelagic (also known as euphotic) and neritic (up to the edge of the continental shelf). Abiotic factors in this zone include the presence of light (which allows photosynthesis), low pressure, currents, and tides. The broncofish is white with a black head and dark blue fins. These colors allow it to confuse some predators. This is a nektonic fish, it swims freely in the water.

The broncofish grows to about 12" in length. Locomotion and balance are provided by the pectoral fins. This fish is a slow swimmer due to its roundish shape but it can produce slow bursts of speed. It also has an adaptation to help it get away from its predators. The stomach is quite elastic. When it is alarmed, the broncofish will swallow a large amount of water to allow it to expand the diameter. Only predators with large mouths such as sharks can eat the broncofish when it expands the stomach.

The broncofish is an omnivore. The diet consists mainly of algae but also includes shrimp, clams, and mussels. The shells are crushed with its teeth. This fish is well-suited for the euphotic zone because of the need for algae which can be found in this zone.

Reproduction occurs when the male accompanies the female to shallow water where the female lays 5-10 eggs. The males push the eggs to the final location resulting in fertilization. The eggs hatch in about 10 days. Lifespan is about 8-10 years.

Respiration occurs with suction of water into the mouth and expulsion out the gills. Gas exchange takes place through the walls of the gills.


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