The French Revolution By MASON Rolle

The French Revolution started in 1789 it was one of the most remarkable events in history which changed France. France was the most powerful country in in all of Europe. They were of political and social acts by reformers in the French government eradicate the power of king and rich landowners.

The French Revolution had many causes. The debt was a major one caused by king Louis XVI and the queen spending a lot of money living really good. Another cause was the 3rd estate they were the only ones that was taxed and they did most of the work, they had very little food while the 1st and 2nd had more. The American revolution had a part in it also.

The reign of terror was a period of violence that happened during the French Revolution. It was marked by mass executions of enemies of the revolution. There were 16,594 official death sentences.

Napoleon was a strong and powerful military commander also a hero who expanded French territory. The French looked up to him and thought he was great a lot of people wanted to see him. He also stopped the bloodshed and prevented the return to the monarchy.

There was a lot of reactions to the French Revolution in England. They were separated into reactions the Thomas Paine and the supporters of the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, also pitt and the government,and those against the French Revolution.Pitt thought France was on the way to self destruction and Britain was only spectators, but that all changed when when France started interfering with other European countries. People in England were keen about the revolution but Burke wasn't he was hostile to it.Burke opposed the war up until he died.

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