76ers "Trust the Process"

Why I chose the 76ers

I have been a big fan of the team and Allen Iverson since I was in elementary school.I started to be very Invested in the 76ers my freshman year of high school because I enjoyed the way they played basketball.I am a Believer of “The Process” and believe that it was very good for the organization to take on. The current coaching staff and players are very likable; which kept me interested in the team even through the rough years of the franchise. I really like Coach Brett Brown because he is a guy that built his way up through the NBA due to hard work and determination. The four young players: Dario Saric, Joel Embiid, Markelle Fultz, and Ben Simmons make the games today very fun to watch because they interact with fans and have a lot of skill.

Who are the Philadelphia 76ers Today?

The Philadelphia 76ers are majority owned by Josh Harris, and the current General Manager of the 76ers is Bryan Colangelo. Before Bryan Colangelo, the General Manager was Sam Hinkie. Hinkie implemented “The Process”; which is a rebuilding plan in order to better the team in the distant future. The team is currently coached by Brett Brown along with his assistant coach Lloyd Pierce . Saric, Embiid, Fultz, Simmons are the core players on the team who will be a big part of the 76ers future in the years to come.

What is "The Process"?“

The Process” is a rebuilding plan that focuses on trading away good players to acquire assets like draft picks or young players. “The Process” started under General Manager Sam Hinkie in July of 2013. The first trade that sparked the rebuilding process was when Sam Hinkie traded away Jrue Holiday during the 2013 NBA draft. In return, the 76ers received Nerlens Noel and a 2014 first round pick. Sam Hinkie was on a mission to better the future for the Sixers, even if that meant to trade away good young players with the hope of future draft picks working out in favor of the Sixers. Many fans and the NBA questioned why the 76ers were doing this because they made the playoffs the year before the 2013 draft.

Why was "The Process" so controversial for the NBA

There are numerous reasons why "The Process" was so controversial to the NBA and the fans. The rebuilding process made the sport look bad because of constant losing. Also, the rebuilding plan exposed the NBA Draft lottery system. The worst teams in the NBA get the best odds of receiving the number one pick, so losing on purpose would enhance your chances at receiving the number one pick in the draft. Since there was constant losing associated with the sixers, they received a lot of negative press by the media and constant questioning about if "The Process" was going to work.

Consequences for the immediate future for the 76ers

Since there was a losing culture associated with the sixers, less fans are watching or going to the games; which impacts the revenue brought into the team. With all of the losing comes with the cost of losing out on free agents. Free agents are players who's contracts run out for their current team, so they can pick what ever team they want to play for when that happens. Finally, the long losing streaks and questionable trades make the franchise look unsuccessful in the short future.

Possible benefits of "The Process"

With multiple years of losing, the sixers would receive high draft picks in NBA draft for numerous years. Statistically, one player out of 4 top picks is going to be a star in the league (Beech, 2009). So, if the sixers pick in top four for four straight years, statistically they will draft a star that could change the franchise. With a star on the team, Sam Hinkie could create a team with a lot of talent and upside for many years to come because a star can attract free agents. Once the team has their star players and role players, they will be able to contend for the playoffs and championships.

"Moneyball" and "The Process

The movie "Moneyball" is about the Oakland Athletics, a baseball team, who has to create a team with a limited amount of money. Even though the MLB does not have a salary cap, the Athletics do not have as big of a market as the Yankees or Red Sox, so they cannot attract the big named players. So, with the use of analytics, the Athletics were able to use their limited money to create a team of undervalued players. Beane (GM of the Athletics) favored certain stats over others, like on base percentage (OBP) and strikeouts, to ensure that players reach base safely so they have a greater chance of scoring runs. This is similar to the sixers' rebuilding plan because they used a lot of analytics to assess their draft picks. Also, they used analytics to assess if the trade will be successful for the sixers' future.

The class, 76er organization, and the fans

Fans that have stuck by the 76ers side through this process had to learn to keep faith in the team, the personnel, and "The Process". In the book, Seeing the World and Knowing God, Fiddes mentions numerous times that even if life isn't going great, you have to keep your faith in God. I found this as an analogy to sixers fans and the process that Sam Hinkie endured on the fan base. Even though the team is not doing great, keep believing in "The Process" and keep faith in what Hinkie is doing. Fans could have easily found another team to root for after multiple years of finishing in last place in the Eastern Conference. "For I know the plans I have for you, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11. To me, this says that God has a plan, and he knows that the outcome will benefit you.

Brett Brown, Hope, and Determination

When the sixers were in the midst of their worst season, people were calling to fire Brett Brown. Brett Brown opened up his following news conference with this verse from the bible: "I can do all things through him who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13 (Openbible.com). Brett Brown said that since he is a believer in God, then God will stick with him during the rough times of his career, but will also be there for the great times. He stuck to what he believe would work when no one believed in him. Ultimately, it worked out for the 76er organization to keep him. Team finished the regular season on a 16 game winning streak; which is the longest in the team's 55 year history.

Spe Salvi and The 76ers

Pope Benedict XVI wrote a book titles Spe Salvi. Spe Salvi is Latin for “saved in hope”, which references the Latin phrase in Romans 8:24. The verse reads: “For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for,” (Biblegate.com). In summary, Spe Salvi says that all Christians have a future if they believe in God. Pope Benedict XVI also mentions that hope might not always been seen throughout one’s whole life, but God has a plan for each individuals life. Even though one might not see hope or know Gods plan, one’s life will not end in emptiness (Pope Benedict XVI, 2007). I found this text to be important and a metaphor for what “The Process” entails for the 76ers and their fanbase. One might not know the final outcome of the rebuilding process, but as long as one has hope in the General Manager’s plan, and he has faith in God, then God will make sure “The Process” is a waste of time. Also, the personnel inside of the organization needs to have faith in what Hinkie is doing because he has a plan and it will not end in emptiness when he has faith in God and what he is doing.

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