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I'm Taylor Tilton and I have always loved art. This is my first full year of high school art, besides interior design last year. This year so far has been great I loved seeing myself improve from the first 4 drawings that we did. For a job I am hopefully going to go to college somewhere, and the to do some sort of design for a job.

These are my blind and upside down drawings. The blind drawing were very hard as you can see by the lovely drawing of my hand, but it was nice just to focus on a sopt and draw it. For the upside down drawings it helped me to just draw the shape and not even think about what the object was.
This drawing represents the space around the object and the object itslf. This project helped me to realize the object and the space around it are both improtant and needed to draw objects correctly.
For the hand we focused on value and getting the correct shading a specific spot on the hand. On my first hand that I drew was just the outline no value what so ever. When I drew the second hand I added value and showing dimension to the hand and making it look way more realistic.
This profile drawing I feel is nicely blended and there isn't any black than white spots. I also think I did better at not leaving dark lines for the shape of the head.
On this stippling project we focused on the values dark to light and made more dots for darker and less dots for lighter. This project was really fun and even though it was really difficult at the beginning.
My favorite part of this drawing is the bowing pin and the globe behind it because i got the correct value of light and dark. The darkness behind the bowling pin makes it pop out in front of the globe. Also the skeleton pops out from the negative space behind it.
This project was fun but very difficult. I had to take the photo and figure out the texture of the dress and water. Also along with texture I had to get the value of each spot by scraping more black away or less.
This project focuses in the center where the vanishing point lines meet. I think it is super cool that the vanashing points make up the whole drawing.
This is one of my favorite drawing I was so surprised that I could even do this. The hardest part I think was to do my hair because it is so light because of the sun in the photo. Another hard area was to get the eyes, nose, and mouth all lined up.
This word defiantly had a lot of value with bright and dark areas. The lines are curved and flowing then adding all the darks and lights to the curved lines.

After doing all of these different peices I think the most challenging thing was to not leave lines after drawing really dark areas. Like on the still life I had inside of the box really dark but it just looked streaky. My favorite peice was definitely the little African girl in graphite for the contest.

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