Introduction to Graphing Level 6-9

- Updated Edition -

This ETC original material was designed to complement traditional Montessori materials, while allowing students to learn necessary 21st century data analysis skills to meet state and national standards. The curriculum combines language, math, geometry, and social studies to make the study of graphing interesting and relevant to the child.

The teacher's notes include interactive lessons to introduce each new type of graph through an interactive small-group lesson. Strike your students' imaginations about the possibilities graphing!

Nomenclature is included to distinguish between types of data representation and build scientific literacy.

Students are also introduced to the interpretation and creation of:

  • bar graphs
  • representational graphs
  • pie graphs
  • pictographs

Task cards allow students to experience practical interpretation of graphs and data while referencing real world information in colorful and varied graphs and charts. In addition, students are asked to collect, graph, and interpret data from their everyday lives to gain fluency in data graphing and interpretation.

This material is available on card-stock, or printed on durable thick plastic.

Students who are data literate are better able to:

  • Formulate questions,
  • Collect and organize data systematically to identify patterns and discover relationships
  • Represent data in different types of plots to yield different results
  • Develop conclusions and make recommendations based on data analysis


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