Global Warming By Holly Lewis

Smoke at Attenborough, Nottinghamshire, Great Britain 2010, Photograph, Geograph, accessed 16 March 2017, <>

Green countries and blue ocean n.d., Vector, Pixabay, accessed 16 March 2017, <>Flame n.d., Photograph, Pixabay, accessed 16 March 2017, <>


I believe that I did well with the Photoshop and changing the tones and colours of some of the images I used. I think though that I should have added more detail to the image. I also think I did well with the set-up of the webpage.

If I had the same task again I would change the topic because I found global warming as a topic really broad and hard to find information for without doing a detailed search. I would also try to be more on track and try not to fall behind as much. When writing the text I was quite unorganised so I would change that to make it easier for myself. Additionally I would plan better and not leave as much to the last minute.

I needed help with making the blog less formal without making it not understandable. I also need help with annotating and finding five persuasive techniques for both the image and text. The part where you had to research I found hard because it was a very broad topic.

From this task I have learned how a rhetorical question can change what you’re talking about and change how the audience see your topic. It keeps them more engaged because you are asking them things that they have to think about. Also, persuasion is essential when trying to convince someone to believe the same as you. Finally I have learned that graphics and text can be used to persuade audiences. I find graphics much more persuasive when used effectively e.g using eyes to focus the audience. Overall I have learned a lot that will help with persuading other people in the future.

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