LGBT Rights By: Henry Vetter

All around the world today there are people who are attracted to others that share the same gender as them. This is called Gay for men, Lesbian for women, and another word used to describe these people is Bisexual. Also, there are some people who feel that inside they are a different gender and person from what they were given at birth so they decide to switch genders, this is called Transgender. All these types of people are put into a group called LGBT. These people are affected daily as they are neglected from others, maybe called very hurtful terms, and are discriminated commonly. While “being the victim of discrimination can be emotionally and psychologically painful.” Others have to face “feelings of anxiety and depression that can linger for many years,” (both Additionally, recent acts have gone on to help these people including marches and protests. But, some things still need to change to ensure safety and a happy life for these people.

Both LGBT Rights and African-American RIghts share some similarities. In both of these groups people were treated poorly by others. One way that these people both were treated poorly is by the labels that were and are used to call them derogatory terms. During the CIvil Rights Era most African-Americans were called “Niggers.” This was used very often and offended many Blacks who were called it. People in the LGBT group are called words like “Faggot, tranny, homo, queer” and many more ( Clearly, words like these were used to stereotype these groups of people and brought up hatred amongst many people. Another similarity between these two groups is the way that they were treated physically. In both of these groups people could be abused physically. African-Americans would be beat down by police officers with weapons and hurt by other whites. A huge amount LGBT people are taken advantage of and a study shows that “ 21.5% of men and 35.4% of women living with a same-sex partner experience intimate-partner physical violence in their lifetimes,” ( Without a doubt these people were treated poorly both mentally and also physically. In conclusion, the way African-Americans and LGBT’s are treated are very similar.

While these groups are similar they are also very different, On way that they are different is the way that they were treated by police. African-Americans were beaten down by police all the time. The policemen were not on their side and always wanted to hurt them. But on the other hand police help the LGBT. If someone is feeling endangered and calls the police “the police will do everything they can to make sure that you feel safe and protected,” ( It is easily seen how the police are on the side of the LGBT rather than the African-Americans. Additionally, another way that the two are different is the way that the government supports them. Blacks received no help what so ever from the government as they despised them. Whenever they needed help no one was there and no one would do anything. But the government supports LGBT a lot. They give them freedom to be who they want to be as Hillary Clinton said when LGBT rights were being released “LGBT rights are human rights, and human rights are LGBT rights,” ( This shows how well protected LGBT is by the government and how African-Americans were given no help at all. To conclude, these two groups all have some big differences.

Today citizens can help bring more awareness to LGBT. By participating in marches and protests people can help the LGBT population become stronger and the people in it can live a much better life. Any organizations are trying to build more money and attention towards LGBT by setting up events like walk-a-thons.Then more people will know about the problems that these people face and they will be willing to help them out. Overall, many people are trying to help the LGBT population and you can too.

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