The History Behind the Odyssey By Cody Williams & Alejandro MENDIBLES

The Trojan war was a war between the Greeks a Trojan Prince named Paris abducted Helen, the wife of Menelaus of Sparta.

The war started after and abduction of a queen named Helen by a Prince named Paris. The war ended when the Greeks defeated a man named Troy when they used a wooden horse that they hid inside.

Two major people in the Trojan war one was Odysseus he thought of the wooden horse, and Aeneas was the only surviving Trojan Warrior.

There was an important person in the Trojan war named Odyssey and the book is going to be about him.

Homer was born in the 12th and 8th centuries BC. He is famous for his epic poems the lliad and the Odysseyis poems had and effect in the Western Culture.


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