The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Amanda Wasoff - Good Life Play

The Spatial Experience: When I first walked into the Rietz Union, I headed straight to the Starbucks to meet up with a friend because I knew this was going to be a long play. We walked to the entrance of the theater and downed our coffees before walking in. This was my first time in the Constans Theater and I was surprised at how small it was - every other play I've seen on campus has been in the Phillips Center which is enormous. However, it was also nice because it added a certain level of intimacy and interaction into the performance. I was seated in the 3rd row behind the orchestra pit which was fun because when the actors interacted with the audience I was able to be involved instead of at a distance. When the lights dimmed I got very excited because I had a friend in the play and he was in the first scene. It was interesting to see how the set all came together once the actors came on stage. The role of place and setting in the good life is extremely important because surroundings have an intense effect on mood and outlook.
The Social Experience: I attended the play with my friend from high school, Trevor Wilson. I wanted to go with at least one person I knew so I would have someone to talk to and interact with throughout the play and intermission. Before the performance, I was doing homework so by the time I finished my assignment, I didn't have too much time to get ready. I threw on some jeans, a nice shirt, and some boots and left my dorm. I enjoyed sharing this experience with my friend because it gave me an opportunity to ask questions and different opinions. Having Trevor with me made it even more personal because he is Catholic so I liked having his insight on subject. I think that being social and shared experiences is one of the most important aspects in a good life. Without friends or family, one is alone in life and lacks the necessary social aspect of human nature.
Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play's main concepts include the separation of church and state, poverty, sexual assault/molestation, and the importance of the arts. At the time and place of this play, the Catholic Church ruled both Quebec's religious and governmental worlds. I had a unique outlook coming into the play because before I knew that I had to see it for Good Life, I ran lines with my friend who's in it. Tyler explained the themes and underlying issues in the play so I was able to decipher the subtle hints that were revealed. The main concept that really made me think was the importance of art in social and political movements. Art has never been my favorite thing, but The Divine stressed the importance of art in identifying world problems. This reminded of all the different types of art, my favorite being music - which has been instrumental in social movements since the beginning of time.
Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was a story focused on katharsis, or coming clean. In the play, the 'coming clean' appeared in multiple storylines. They encouraged the pastor to come clean about the sexual assault he experienced and Sarah Bernhardt wanted the factory owner to own up to the child labor and unsafe working conditions he was operating under. The play encouraged the use of the arts and the theater to right societal wrongs. This can be applied to the current political turmoil; songs and protest art have been written about the election, and more recently, the ban on Muslims.

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