The Great Exhibition of 1851 by:Eli valerio

The Great Exhibition of 1851 took place in Hyde park, London. The event showcased the inventions and corporations that impacted the time and area.

The Exhibition was made to show the recent economic growth experienced by England. Industrialization had just occurred and new businesses and inventions have sprung up and have influenced the way of life here, in turn Queen Victoria puts on this extravagant show to give recognition.

The people of Victorian England propelled themselves into a spot among the economic powers of the time.

Queen Victoria showed the most impressive technology as to give the world the progress that has been made in recent years. Some inventions included have changed culture around the world not just England. The Cyrus McCormick grain reaper was used for agriculture in many other areas, and Samuel Colt's revolvers are extremely popular (they once even had an American baseball team named after them- Houston Colt .45's- the team is no longer named after the iconic pistol)

The Great Exhibition was extremely "great" including hundreds of thousands of exhibits. For a showcase that large there has to be a building to hold it all plus the tourism to be brought.

To hold the exhibition the "Crystal Palace" was built. An ENORMOUS building made of glass and steel (the first of this size to be made of those materials). The Crystal Palace is an incredible invention in itself, there's a strong probability that tourists came to see the building but stayed for the new technology shown inside.

Queen Victoria has put on this amazing showcase that exceeded even her goals for it.

The Queen herself is shocked at the success of the exhibition. As she watched the attraction she realized that this will become a prominent day in history. And she was right, the exhibition exposed inventions and business to international opportunity expanding the economy even more.
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