WW2 References in Modern Movies By: Jaden Tatge and Savannah Greathouse

Star Wars

German Stormtroopers
Star Wars Stormtroopers

Star Wars contains many parallel's to world War 2. First off the names of German soldiers were stormtroopers and In George Lucas's Star Wars the white faceless soldiers loyal to the empire are named Stormtroopers.

Scene from Star Wars

Dogfights were battles in the sky often in close combat between two fighter planes. This tactic was first seen in World War 1 and then was carried into World war 2. Star wars used this idea but in space.

Nazi Swastika
Galactic Empire

The Nazi Party used a swastika as their symbol of power. Similarly, the empire created their own symbol to strike fear across the galaxy. Both were used as symbols of authority and hate.

Adolf Hitler
Chancellor Palpatine

Lucas's character Chencellor Palpatine soon becomes the Emperor AKA leader of the Galactic Empire. Palpatine is supposed to mirror Hitler's rise of power through politics. He begins as chancellor of the republic slowly rising rising through the ranks by achieving awards to Emperor.

Nazi Helmet
Darth Vader helmet

Darth Vader's helmet was specifically designed to mirror that of a Nazi soldier's helmet.

For other similarities, https://youtu.be/0kTxL8nXzwM


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