Text As Art Hasti Hojjatzadeh

For this Text As Art assignment, We should make the pictures as a text and use the letters to do it. Firstly I searched some pictures of the famous towers in the world, the port re pictures, some animals like beer, rabbit and cameras and film cameras. I liked to do this project with my mine picture or the face of my mother's picture more. Finally Mr.Raemisch chose top 3 roughs (the Azadi Tower, the picture of my mother and the beer's picture) and then I chose my mother's picture. I searched a lot in google about Face typography and I found some cool ideas how to make the faces with letters and my inspiration is the faces typography in google. For this project I used more cursive fonts. My mother's name is Lale and I chose this name for the letters. I used the letter L more than the others letters. I used cursive l and e for the hair, sample L for the eye brows, sample l and a for the eyes, cursive and sample and cursive L for the nose and letter A an l for the lips and for around the face and neck, I used cursive l. I had some problem for choosing the letters for the face's part, for example I needed letter o for the eyes but I didn't have it in my project's name. I had some problem with the shape of the letters and I pulled the letters to make my eyes shape, but after I did it I understood it was not correct and it should be a normal letters and we couldn't change the form of the letters. I tried to solve these problem with changing the font of the letters and I rotated the letters to find the best form for the shapes. The coolest part in this project was that I could make my mom's picture with her name's letters and also the hair parts is so cool because the cursive l was like the shape of the hair and it became so cool and nice and i like it so much. I would like to do my face typography or my friend's faces or do some cool things with this skill for the next time. It so cool that you can make the pictures with the texts and you can think and look at every things in a different way with letters.

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