Chip sure enjoys camping Nap time

Happy camper
Chip loves playing with her ball
She is so focused waiting for her orange ball to come down ↖️
Campsite in New York
Green lakes State Park is a beautiful park
This photo you can see the color almost as the lake is turquoise
Niagara Falls was awesome
Yes we got wet but not that bad
American falls
View from Sky Tower
Berlin, Ohio Amish farm
Buggies are everywhere. Study in contrast, modern technology and simple way of life. (Notice cell tower on right)
Typical barn
Yes, we took a buggy ride
Amish school all grades together. School hours 8:30-3:00 no school,holiday days off. No science taught just the RRR and health. Typical day starts with devotions and prayer and ends the same.
Working in field. Four men doing the work with three horses. The implement in back lifts grass up on top of wagon where two men rake grass forward on wagon.

Our time in New York and Ohio has been great. It is so beautiful and clean. We will definitely be back again. We leave June 15 for Indiana to tour Keystone factory and have a serious chat with factory. Then on to Michigan and heading home. Be home by June 30. YEA!!!!😀. J & D

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