City School District 2nd Grade Social Media Tool Proposal Nicki Mullins -- EDU 255

What is Edmodo? It is a FREE online (paperless) social media network for educators that has three main umbrella usages:

1. Parents can interact with classrooms and teachers with the Edmodo Parent App where assignments and their due dates, announcements, events, reminders, photos, and at-home learning activities can be shared by the teacher to the app for parental viewing.

2. Teachers can assign homework, quizzes, organize group work, and monitor student progress with the tools found on Edmodo for instructors. The site explicitly states, "Focus on teaching not paperwork." Environmentally friendly and more organized in less space and time. Teachers can share educational games and apps for students to use, assess students using their State Standards through Edmodo, and find lesson plan ideas from the Edmodo international teacher community.

3. Students can view and submit homework/assignments, take quizzes, practice skills or content knowledge, view the classroom calendar, view announcements, and overall interact with other students and the instructor with Edmodo. This site allows students to learn digitally and paperless-ly, and to practice social media and digital citizenship etiquette and safety, all while being in a safe online environment surrounded by teachers and parents.

How has Edmodo been used in other classrooms?

Teachers have used Edmodo to interact with classrooms across the globe, improve social interactions within the classroom (some teachers have seen clique problems dissolve and shy students becoming more outgoing and friendly!), kept parents involved in the classroom for better student learning, and made the stress of helping students remember to take home hard-copies of assignments and work home with them. Work from both teachers and students can be done from home, and even from their cell phones!

How does Edmodo fit with our school district's social media standard?

Including the school name and contact information: This information (schools' addresses, office phone numbers, bus garage phone numbers, principal contact information, etc.) can be posted on a Directory page that is a link on every Edmodo classroom home page. On that home page, the teacher's personal contact information such as email, phone number, or other social media accounts can be posted by the Directory link as well.

Introduce the teachers who manage the social media site: Each teacher will have their own Edmodo account where they can include a short personal bio, their contact info, and all of the resources and tools listed above for THEIR classroom. Edmodo is personal to each teacher who chooses to implement it in their classroom.

All social media in classrooms should have an academic purpose: Edmodo only allows students, teachers, and parents to engage in educational activities, as it is an explicitly EDUCATIONAL social media site! There will be no resources or tools used by anyone on Edmodo that don't pertain to classroom activity or academic material.

Rules defining and reporting cyberbullying must be included: These guidelines can be posted on each classroom's home page. We want students to learn and flourish in a safe environment, no matter if a digital space or not. Parents can view these guidelines on their account and mobile app, as well as any behavior or cyberbullying reports.

Social media must include opportunity for parent participation: Edmodo lets parents directly interact with classroom activities by allowing them to view assignment and homework calendars, event calendars and reminders, photos of activities in class, as well as view grades, interact with their student and the teacher directly, and use academic resources posted by the teacher to further their student's learning at home.

In all, Edmodo conforms to all of our district's social media standards, allows teachers and students to participate and interact within each of their classrooms digitally and CREATIVELY, and will help all involved become more academically invested and motivated with this free, easy-to-use, and supportive educational social media site.


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