Living a Life of Gratitude kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like

The importance of gratitude has changed me and many other people.Even small things might make someone feel happy all day.I think it is important to be grateful because even if it isn't the best thing in the world or just something that you wanted as a gift you should still be grateful that you have anything at all.It is important to live a life of gratitude because you can't just collect things from other people you need to give back to people who have helped you.

My very own "10 reasons to be thankful"

1.I'm thankful for my family because they help me through everything.I don't know what I would do without them.

2.My friends.They are the ones who make me happy.If I wasn't happy then I would be miserable.

3.Emoji's. I'm thankful for emoji's because they help us express our feelings through text's.

4.Water.I'm thankful for fresh water in my community.Without it we would have to go to lakes and rivers.

5.Turtles.I'm thankful for turtles because they are a beautiful piece of nature. Also because they are my favorite animals.

6.Food.I'm thankful for food because without it I would starve.

7.Books.I'm thankful for books because they teach me a lot.Also because they pass time in a productive way.

8.Bath and Body works.I'm thankful for bath and body works because it makes me smell good.Also because it's a store full of smells.Who doesn't like that?

9.Life itself.I'm so grateful that I am alive.If I wasn't alive....i've never thought about it.

10.My Mom.I know she is part of my family but I just wanted to give her special shout out.That I💓 her

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Jeda Howard


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