Megan Boren Oboe player and singer

Hi! My name is Megan Boren and I am a dancer, artist, singer, band student, and more. I love to learn, dance(acrobatics),go outside, etc. My accomplishments in life are to become a competitive dancer for my dance studio(encore), be the best oboe player i can be and make varsity just like my brother(who plays bassoon), go to a professional college and become an orthodontist/something in the medical industry.
We have done many cool experiments in our science class with Miss Greene and our 6th period class. We have made boats to show speed, distance, and time. We have watched videos about different chemicals reacting to each other. But, my favorite experiment was when we launched rockets outside, the test failed but I think the experience was fun, and we had a good time. Another good experience was when we made bath bombs and slime. Bath bombs are a good example of chemical change, while slime is a good example of physical and chemical change. For slime, your borax or detergent you use will create a harder and sometimes putty-like. You can add glitter, food coloring, paint, and more! we made slime with a red clear glue with glitter in it.
Thank you for reading my ePortfolio. Have a good day.


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