VO2MAX TESTING and Anaerobic threshold identification

VO2MAX testing has long reigned as “The Gold Standard” of Fitness Evaluation. Beyond it’s ability to measure fitness, the testing will also reveal your metabolic turn point. This information is critical for establishing effective training protocols. Having said this; who performs this assessment and how the data is interpreted makes al, the difference in the world!
Coach Diaz has been testing athletes from a wide range of sport disciplines for nearly 30 years. This depth of experience and evidenced based knowledge IS the defining difference. Think of it like this... if you are in big trouble, you can go with a public defender or, you can invest in a seasoned litigator who knows how to get you out of the fix you’re in. Don’t shop for the least expensive testing opportunity, anyone with a bit of training can conduct the test. Understanding what the data reveals relative to the individuals demands and history in sport is where experience comes in.

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