The Chinese Revolution

From @ Sun Yat-Sen #revolution #I am the leader # republican # Chinese

I (@Sun Yat-Sen) want to end foreign domination over China! #I want republic #government

I (@Sun Yat-Sen) demanded that China has to be united under a government. #Based in Beijing #China

I (@Yuan Shikai) became provisional president of the Republic of China! #Republic #China

I (@China) had hard time under these brutal rulers... #tiredness

From @Sun Yat-sen I establish a base in the south of China. I'll try to put the pieces of the brike. Country back together and this could be challenging. #Kuomintang #MakeChinagreatagain 1920

From @Chiang Kai-Shek Sun Yat-sen just died, and I'm the new leader. #Kuomintang 1925

From @Chiang Kai-Shek Don't even think of taking China from me, I'll kill you all if you dare to try. #Kuomintang #Communist #Chinesecivilwar 1927

From @Mao Zedong We are taking a huge lead against Kuomintang #Chinesecivilwar 1949

From @Mao Zedong I proclaim the foundation of the People's Republic of China #MakeChinagreatagain October 1st, 1949

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