15 Year Old Life in Singapore By Lowen Epstein 6th Hour

The country of Singapore is located just off the southern tip of Malaysia. It is a small island, about the sixe of Lexington, Kentucky. However, 5.3 million people are squeezed into this area. According to the UN, Singapore is considered a highly developed country, with one of the highest incomes per capita in the entire world. One interesting fact, Singapore also has the highest percentage of millionaires in the world. Singapore also has the highest ranked educational system in the world.

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Here in Singapore, being 15 is extremely fun, but no simple task. Although basically every kid there does not have to deal with financial or spending struggles, there is quite a bit of pressure to do well in school and succeed. As soon as a child enters kindergarten, they begin training for whatever profession their parents have. This is the Singapore custom, an it is an extremely important aspect of life.

In Singapore, the most difficult thing might be living up to, and even exceeding your family's expectations.

I was fortunate enough to meet a native, 15 year old from Singapore named Daniel Haquim. He was able to tell me all sorts of stuff about the culture and lifestyle. One thing he told me that kind of goes with my claim, is the fact that the average math class for an 8th grader in Singapore is pre-calculus. He is currently working to become an architect, which is what his father does.

This is a rooftop greenhouse. These are very common in Singapore.

My evidence directly connects to my claim and criteria, because we examined a first hand source that provides information as to how difficult, yet enjoyable 15 year-old life in Singapore really is.

Because of the extremely close-quarters of Singapore, there are many kids in a single school. Averaging about 200-250 kids per grade level. Because of this, The social lives of Singapore teenagers are wildly active, and result in many social experiences.

The fact that these kids live in such densely populated areas, their lives outside of school are very fun and always interesting.

Teens in Singapore are actually encouraged by the government to get out and have fun, because of the fact that school can be so stressful.(http://www.livinginsingapore.org/life-in-singapore/) On this little island, there is much to do. Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world, making sure these kids are not harmed.

This tiny country is very safe, and wealthy, and is frankly on of the best in the world. Boasting one of the freest economies as well, the citizens of Singapore were ranked as having one of the best quality of life in the world.

Through this process, by making a connection, I identified that the life of a 15 year-old in Singapore, is actually quite like how it is here.

As I stated in my above claims, the pressures to succeed are very relevant in Singapore. I feel like these pressures are the same in our country as well. Whether its academics or athletics. Both countries also provide a great social life to these kids.

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