Winter Weather By: kimya Mcewen

Winter storms are dangerous just like any other type of storm.

Snow is one of the common types of winter weather.

Winter Weather can be associated with hail, sleet, rain, snow, and ice. Certain storms can form with winter weather as in, blizzards and ice storms. If you are caught up in winter weather may sure you stay indoors. Be careful when walking on snowy and icy walkways and always stay dry.

Warning signs include big clouds and slate gray skies. Looking at the sky is one way to prepare. Other ways are to make an emergency kit, make a family plan, make traveling plants smaller towards winter time. You should always talk to your family about plans for inclement weather.

People with disability and those who are handicapped might need help getting to places during winter weather. They might have special lights to help tell their neighbors if they need help.


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