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In this session

  • Consider copyright.
  • A short video introducing Creative Commons (CC)
  • Create a CC license
  • How to find CC resources on the web.


What does copyright mean to you?
When can you publish work created by others in your own work?
Useful Links

Useful Links

Here are some useful links if you want to find out more about copyright . . . 
Introducing Creative Commons

Introducing Creative Commons

Refining copyright to share your work . . . 

There are 4 main parts to the Creative Commons License :

Create a CC License

Creating your own license is a great way to understand how CC works

Go to the Creative Commons License Tool and create a license for the works below:

A group of primary school students have created a video about a controversial local topic. The students want it shared widely on the internet to raise awareness but the school do want want it copied or changed. The school also do not want any commercial outlet to make use of the videos content.
Helen is a student at City of Glasgow College and she has taken this photo of the new campus. She is happy for any one to use her work and is hoping the college will use it in their new publicity campaign but she would like people to credit her when they use the picture.
Jacob has spent a lot of time developing a teaching resource. It includes hand outs, video resources, webpages and a lesson plan. He is very proud of the final resource and want to share it freely among his colleagues in the education sector. He is encouraging lecturers not just in his college to use, adapt and share his work.

Where Next?

The number of useable Creative Commons resources is growing . . .

Checking the Creative Commons 'CC Search' or just Googling for 'Creative Commons Resources' can help you find professional resources you can use legally in your productions.


This presentation is based on a presentation made by Ian Upton at Coventry University.

This is the license for this resource

What was the license for Ian original resource?

A quick guide to the terms and symbols


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