Meet the New Class Presidents By: Ellie Tambornino

On Friday, April 21, Caleb Johnson and his running mate, Jared Cave, were elected student body president and vice president of the Student Government Association at Liberty University.


Both Johnson and Cave have past credentials that make them experienced for the job and may benefit their term as president and vice president as they strive to implement change on campus.

“I felt like they were better qualified for the job and I agreed more with their policies” Nathan Harrell, a student on Liberty campus, said.

Johnson was vice president for Future Business Leaders of America in High School, an active member in SGA including sophomore class president and Senate Pro Tempo-- where he lead senate meetings.

Cave was student body president at his college prep school and was sophomore class vice president this past year at Liberty. Cave was also a main sponsor in the bill to eliminate weekend curfew on Liberty's campus.

“[For Jared as vice president] You could tell, it was very evident, that he was the most educated speaker at the debate. For him, being able to communicate so clearly sets him apart” Natalie Nyberg said.

Both have been described as likable, and relatable people.

“Caleb is a likable guy… His girlfriend described him as a teddy bear. People like that because he seems more approachable. I think people like that they’re so relatable" Nyberg said.

Values & Goals

During the campaign, Johnson and Cave made their values and goals apparent. Some of their major core values which were the pillars of their campaign are:

  1. Faith
  2. Love
  3. Dedication
  4. Integrity
President Johnson
Vice President Cave

Natalie Nyberg, NGN Photography

They also have four main goals to accomplish during their term:

  1. Improve Liberty App
  2. Help Students Find Home Church
  3. Equip Clubs
  4. Make sure students voices are being heard

Diversifying SGA

Change is something rooted in their decisions even preceding the election. Both of them are very familiar with how legislation works, as Cave was a big component in passing the legislation to revoke weekend curfew for the upcoming semester and Johnson led the Senate.

One of Johnson's personal goals is to create diversity amongst the student government population. He wants to see more people from different races and ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, diverse majors, and from all different locations on Liberty's own campus.

Student, Nathan Harrell, is not a member of SGA but went out of his way to raise awareness for the Johnson and Cave campaign. He admired Johnson and Cave's desire for every students voice to be recognized and represented.

“I hope for the students voices to be heard more. That is something that the school hasn’t really done well within this past year and I hope that in the future it will be better” Nathan Harrell said.

During an interview I conducted with President Johnson, he noted that he plans on bringing great change during his presidency by diversifying student government.

“SGA had always been in the past a clique and whoever got the clique vote was going to win. This time was different. This time people wanted change, and this time they got that change” Caleb Johnson said.

He hopes that every student, from all walks of life, will be represented in SGA as Liberty University evolves.

“My own biggest priority for your 2017-2018 year as SGA student body president is to increase diversity among SGA. As I said before [SGA] has been a clique. I do not want this happening again. I want everyone to feel welcome and greeted with open arms when they walk into the offices" Johnson said.

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Broadcast Script (Ellie) On April 21 / Johnson and Cave were elected president and vice president of the student body at Liberty University /// I asked their campaign photographer if the results surprised her// (Natalie) I wanted to say that the they didn’t/ but they honestly did because we knew it was going to be so tight// (Ellie) So then what made them stand out amongst their competitors? (Nate) I think it was their authenticity// Ragan and Robertson were trying to buy votes and I think people didn’t like that// They wanted someone who would take the job seriously// (Natalie) When I saw our tables reaching people and people coming to vote// I thought we might actually get this// we can do it ///

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