War of Roses By: Taylor Kenser

The house of Lancaster had a red rose to represent them.

During the house of Lancaster Henry VI was the king at the start of the war.

Henry VI wife took control of the country and led the fight against Henry’s enemies.

Richard Neville began the war on the yorks side but then changed toward the end of the war.

The house of the York has a white rose to represent them.

Richard, duke of York began the war.

Edward IV was king for much of the war, he was the first York king.

Richard III took the throne from his nephew, he was king for just over two years before he was killed in battle.

Henry VI was king from 1442 to 1461 and again from 1470 to 1471.

Henry VI thought he would be a good king because His father and grandfather had been successful kings

Henry VI was a horrible king, he lost the 100 years war with France and allowed England to fall into lawlessness and Criminality.

Edward IV was king from 1461 to 1483

Edward IV thought he would be a good king because he was an inspiring military leader

Edward IV was a really good king but sometimes a bit lazy

Richard III was very guilty because there were once two princes and then they magically disappeared.

200 years after the prince's deaths, two skeletons were found under a staircase in the Tower of London.

The skeletons that were found, were confirmed to be skeletons of two young boys.

During the battle of Balsworth field, King Richard III did not have a happy reign.

During the battle, Richard III made a charge for Henry.

His horse got stuck in a marsh, so Richard continued fighting on foot.

The Tudor Rose symbolises the union of the Lancastrian and Yorkist

Henry Tudor ended the war of roses by causing a lot of death and destruction to England


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