Ancient Africa Kingdoms lauren sanders


Ghana lays about 499ft. above sea level.Its highest point is is Mnt. Afadjato,it rises at 2,887 ft.The lowest point is Gulf of Guinea at 0m. The coastline is low and sandy.It has many streams and rivers flowing throughout it.The hills are heavily forested.The largest water reservoir in the world is Lake Volta,which is located in Ghana.It was formed by Akosambo Dam and completed in 1965.

Christianty is the most praticed religion in Ghana.The second is Islam.Tradional African beliefs are also praticed.

Slave trade was used in Anicent Ghana for human labor.There were 19 forts and 3 castles used for trading.The most famous one was The Cape Coast Castle.They were mainly used by and shipped to Britian,Germany,Denmark,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,and The Netherlands.Its estimated around 6 million slaves were shipped off to other countrys.15% of them perished at sea.

In ghana,the South had gold and the North had salt mines,so they would trade.Trade was even,an ounce of salt for an ounce of gold.Word got around to the East coast of Africa of the new trading system.With them they brought silk,ivory,spices and peacock feathers.Protection was offered for the foreign traders,but it required a fee.The king also charged an entrey and departe fee of the trading areas.Silent bartering came into place to keep everything peaceful.Gold was an export and salt was an import.

The languages spoken in Ancient Ghana were Soninke and Mande.Their government was a monarchy.They mainly ate soup with fufu,plantain,cassau,kankante,banku,boiled yam,and rice bread.Their clothes were normally deep blue,yellow,reddish brownish,greens,and black.They dyed their clothes these colors with designs.Their clothes were made from treated animal hides,furs,and feathers.

Currently Ghana's population is 24,625,402.They are divided into 72 ethentic groups.The people enjoy tennis,soccer,boxing,basketball,cricket,rugby,and golf.


Mali is located on the boarder of Algeria to the North,with Niger on the east side.Its a savanna grassland that escaltes into higher plateaus North.The largest rivers located in Mali are the Niger and Sengal.The Niger river is their main water supply.

The main religion praticed in Mali is islam.Christianty is also praticed.They also used to pratice bodiless spirirts in the Pre-Islamic period.Their earliest religions were polytheistic and animist

Slave trade in Mali was similar to Ghana's.It existed during the Pre-Imperial Mali period. Mansua Sakura was a slave,he later became the emperor of Mali in the 1200s.

In ancient Mali the most important thing was gold.A lot of it was traded through the savanna and the North Coast.Salt was also traded to the North and South.Copper was traded to the south.Mali traded gold,kola nuts,and slaves for cloth,copper,dates,figs,metal goods,and salt.

The founder of Mali was named Sunditia Keita in 1235.The empire fell in 1610.The leaders were Mari Djamal I (first ruler 1235-1255),Abu Bakr II (1310-1312 ) Mansa Munsa (1312-1337),Muhammad Ali IV (last leader 1600s)

The native language of Ancient Mali was Mande.Rice,millet,sorghum,and fonio was eaten.With that was served sauces of fish,meat,vegtables,and grains.Women wore wrap around skirts called a pange with a matching tunic and headdress.Men wore western style pants with a tunic.

Mali's prime minister is H E Mr. Modibo Keita.It is a multiparty democracy.The country's motto is "One Nation,One goal,One faith."The anthem is "LE MALI"

Ancient Songhai

Songhai is located in West Africa.The climate from October to May is hot and wet,but November to February is dry and cool.The Niger River is found there.A rainforest and the Sahara Desert are also located here.There also is a grassy savanna.

People in Songhai used to pratice religions with whitchdoctors,spirits,and magic.Now they practice Islam.The ancient people believed in many gods.

Slaves were used to transport goods across the Sahara Desert to Morocco and the Middle East.They were also sold to Europeans and Americans to work for them.They were normally captured war slaves.They traded with the Portuguese and Dutch also.

Ivory,woods,kola nuts,gold,and slaves,spices,and palm oils were exchanged for salt,cloth,arms,horses,and copper.

Songhai was founded around 800 A.D.The first leader was named Zuwa Alayaman.Their language is Songhay,IRS spoken by over 3 million people.

In Songhai there is a diet,it's called a millet.Its consumed in 3 ways:as a pancake,porridge,or a paste.Men wear a mixture of western and traditional clothing.Women wear wraparound skirts and matching tops.

The population of Songhai is 4.5 million.The government is a monarchy.The significance of the country is its trade.


Zimbabwe is a landlocked country lying in South Africa in the tropics.It has a tropical climate.But there is a dry season from May to September,this is when there is very little rain.

The religions practiced here are Protestant Christianity,Roman Catholic Christanty,Tradiotnal African beliefs,atheism,And Islam.

The country was landlocked so it wasn't easily accessible,there was little European slave trade.It was mainly affected by Arab slave traders.

Zimbabwe traded cattle,gold,and crops on the coast of the Indian Coast.

Ancient Zimbabwe was founded in the 11th century.Its name translates to "sacred house" "venerated houses" "houses of stone" "ritual seat of the king" "court" and "home or grave of the chief".

The language Shona was spoken in Ancient Zimbabwe.They ate:porridges,vegetables,meats,onions,tomatoes,and groundnuts/peanuts were used for sauces.Women wore brightly colored clothes with beautiful large beads.Men wore animal skins

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