Given in Gratitude A 'Tremendous Gift' Lights the Way for the Next Generation

After the birth of their first child at Hartford Hospital, new parents grateful for the excellent care they received in the Labor & Delivery unit decided to help our nurses and physicians provide the best possible experience for other families welcoming their newborns.

As they waited for their baby to arrive, the new mom and dad noticed the outdated lights the nurses were using. They asked if they could replace them. With the couple's generous donation, Hartford Hospital upgraded the lighting in several labor and delivery rooms and in one birthing surgical suite. In making the donation, the parents said:

"We were so glad to provide Hartford Hospital staff with better tools. … We are very thankful to be able to help such amazing people do such an important job.”

Nurse Manager Michelle Walsh, RN, shared the gratitude of all Hartford Hospital care providers who work in Labor & Delivery:

“Our team’s goal is always to provide the best experience for the patient. When our staff is able to provide that best care, along with having the best equipment and tools, it makes the experience better for patients and more rewarding for staff. ... To have a patient give back so generously also shows the tremendous amount of care and effort our team puts into every one of our patients. It’s a tremendous gift, because it continues to give 24/7. Giving birth to babies is a 24/7 business!”