Abraham Lincoln a Chapter 4 Spark by audrey

Questions; 1. If Lincoln were somehow still alive today, what profession do you think he would have? Maybe he would still be a lawyer, or a writer of some sort. 2. If Martin Luther King Junior and Frederick Douglass were alive during the same time period, do you think they would be friends? Yes or no? 3. What do you think the group of bachelors talked about when they went to Speed's store to chat? (Pages 27-28) 4. Who did Lincoln become instant rivals with on page 28? 5. Who did Abraham Lincoln marry (no page number needed, you should know this, people!!!) 6. What was Lincoln's first child named? (page 32) 7. In what year was Abraham Lincoln selected to be in the U.S House O Representatives? (Page 35) 8. What was Lincoln's second child named? (Page 35) 9. Why do you think Newspapers in IL called Lincoln's antiwar stand 'silly'? (Page 36) 10. What is the name or this chapter? (NO LOOKING) 11. What was Lincoln's job before he became president of the united states? 12. What do you think changed Lincoln's mind from not really caring or saying anything about slavery, to not wanting slavery in America? 13. Why do you think Lincoln wanted America to stay ONE WHOLE country instead of splitting into two separate countries? !4. If America HAD split into two countries, do you think the two countries would be rivals or friends?

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Audrey Leemans


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