What Are the Effects of Learning a Second Language? Clara Holleman

Have you ever Wondered why you Should Learn a Second Language?

Most people think that it is a positive thing to learn a second language, but have you ever wondered why? Some of the most popular languages to learn are English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic. This is because these languages are spoken in a lot of places in the world.

What do Teachers Teach in School?

Most language teachers at schools teach their perfect writing and grammar about the language they want to learn, but not exactly how to speak that language.

What Languages do we Learn in School?

The hardest language to learn is Mandarin, although that is a popular language to learn in schools. The easiest to learn is Dutch, and middle schools in America usually do not teach that language.

However, it is important that schools teach foreign languages at school, usually in Elementary and Middle Schools, so that children will learn these languages early on and develop better listening skills, and to develop a better working memory system.

Some kids who learn a second language say it's a stressful process but is good in the end

Why is it Useful to Learn Another Language?

One of the most important reasons why learning a second language is significant is because it is useful for travel. "One participates more effectively and responsibly in a multi-cultural world if one knows another language." (Auburn University, 2013)

Many English speakers seem to believe that wherever you go on holiday you can get by speaking English, so there's no point in learning any other languages. If people don't understand you all you have to do is speak slowly and turn up the volume.

You can more or less get away with this, as long as you stick to popular tourist resorts and hotels where you can usually find someone who speaks English.

"However, if you want to venture beyond such places, to get to know the locals, to read signs, menus, etc, knowing the local language is very useful.” (Omniglot, 2017). This quote states that learning another language is useful for events.

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