Superintendent's Summary Dr. Jack Parker ~ May 21, 2020

For students, today is the last day of the 2020 school year. It has been a difficult finish and one that we never expected. I want to take this opportunity to share my thanks and admiration for all who serve the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation including our Board, Central Office Staff, Maintenance, Custodians, Transportation providers and our Education Foundation. For other groups, I have some specific thoughts that I would like to share.


I am proud of the work that you have done to stay up with your learning. For some, virtual learning worked well and for others, it was a struggle. We certainly understand that there are various learning styles. The difficulty with this mode of education is that you are more responsible for your learning than you ever have been before. You demonstrated grit and integrity, and for that we are proud. Thank you for hanging in there with a positive mindset.

Parents / Guardians

You had to step up and support your children in ways that you have never done before. For some, this worked out well and for others with essential jobs and multiple children, we know that this time has been very difficult. You didn’t complain. You dug in and supported your children and our schools. You have our deepest respect and admiration.


You have been nothing short of rock stars. None of you prepared yourself to deliver all of your instruction and support to students virtually. You have grown significantly as educators with new “forever” tools that you can use to teach students in the future. I know that many of you have given all you have to support your students with many also having to manage and supervise your own children while at the same time teaching your students. You have never had to do this before. You have gone above and beyond at every turn and have amazed us all.

Building Administrators/ Counselors & Social Workers

The support and leadership you have provided to your staff, students, and families have been outstanding. Touching base regularly with staff and supporting students and families who have struggled throughout this early part of the pandemic is nothing short of heroic. Your stress has been significant; however, your leadership has been amazing. You have given your all to our school community and we admire your leadership and dedication.

Cafeteria Workers

You worked tirelessly to provide and distribute over 60,000 meals already, and will continue to serve our community on most Mondays through June 26. You have worked together while maintaining social distancing and demonstrated a servant heart for our students and their families. You capture the true spirit of our community in your smiles and dedication to our schools.

Technology Staff

Not only did you keep us all going, you worked tirelessly to communicate with those in need. You met the needs of what seemed to be hundreds of students, staff, and parents to give them replacement devices and even new power cords after the dog chewed them! You helped families diagnose internet problems in their homes and even provided new access in our parking lots for those in need. You were the lynchpin to our efforts this quarter and your teamwork and talent shined brightly.


The class of 2020 will be remembered forever as a cadre of students who missed many milestone experiences; but did so with grace and understanding. You gave up so much for your community and prioritized the health of others over your own joy. This time has not been fun and I challenge you now to plan for the best class reunions ever! I look forward to seeing you continue to learn and grow, and as you take what Mt. Vernon has given you, remember you are also taking a piece of all of our hearts. You are the culmination of our work...you make us exceptionally proud. I look forward to seeing you all at commencement in July.

I also want to take this opportunity to share our window for allowing students back into school to retrieve their personal belongings. Due to the governor’s orders, non-essential activities are not allowed in our schools through the month of June. Thus, our plan is to allow you access in the very early part of July. Your principals will communicate that process as plans need to be developed to keep you all as safe as possible. For the few families who have seniors going into the military, beginning their careers, or starting early college, or students/families who will be absent in July, please contact your principal now to make arrangements to retrieve your personal effects.

Thank you all for your work, attitude, and communal spirit. Next year will pose even more challenges and we will continue to work to support you and your learning/life experiences in our schools. I look forward to getting through this and seeing you face to face in a listening tour, at one of my Traveling Talks, or at a school/community event. Until then, please stay safe and continue to take care of one another.


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MVCSC Superintendent Dr. Jack Parker

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