Virginia, founded 1607 Noah conley.

John Smith

Virginia was founded by John Smith in 1607. John Smith was an English Explorer. He helped found Jamestown when the colonist arrived. John Smith was a soldier, mapmaker, and trader. He wrote about his adventures he had in the colony of Virginia.

Religion in the Virginia Colony started with Anglican services in Jamestown. Anglican is denoting the Church of England or any Church in communion with it. Anglicans believe that Catholics and Apostolic's faith was revealed in Holy Scripture. Eventually the faith turned over to more of a Christian belief.

The colony of Virginia has a different climate then what the English are used to. The summers were filled with hot humidity, mosquitoes, the winters were bitter cold and many people died. They had a terrible winter form 1607-1608 what was called "The Little Ice Age". They had a drought from 1606 to 1612.

Virginia Average Temperatures.

Jamestown, Virginia

Jamestown was one of the first colonies in the Colony of Virginia. Founded in 1607 and was the capitol of Virginia until 1699 when the seat of govt. went to Williams-town. Jamestown was founded by John Smith.

The economy in the colony of Virginia was agriculture. Virginia had many farms and had large plantations. Women in the colony were used as maids and they didn't have the right to vote.



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