Crystal Properties In The pink! therapies and training


Comes from the Greek word ‘Amethustos' which means non-inebriated

Guards against psychic attack

Enhances spiritual awareness, intuition and inspiration

Balances hormones

Relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain

Helps with grief and coming to terms with loss

Quietens the mind, so helps concentration

Eases headaches

Relieves pain and tension

Helps with insomnia, intestinal complaints

Reduces bruising, injuries and swelling

Helpful for diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract

Helps with overcoming addictive behaviour

Can be worn, placed on the affected body part, or as appropriate for a long period of time

Can be used for meditation by holding it

The elixir may be taken internally or externally

NB Fades in sunlight


Reduces stress

Quietens the mind

Supports tolerance of others

Helps with sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems

Sharpens intuition

Clears the throat chakra

Promote clairvoyance

Useful for meditation - invokes a higher state of consciousness

Blue Lace Agate

Cooling and calming

Activates and heals the throat chakra

Helps with inflammation, fever, arthritis and throat problems

Heals fractures and strengthens the skeletal system

Can be worn as appropriate, particularly on the throat


Cleanses negative energies in a room

Opens higher awareness and psychic abilities, channeling and out of body experiences

Combats laziness

Boosts memory and calms the mind

Good for studying

Transforms ideas into action

Alleviates emotional stress

Contains calcium and encourages calcium uptake in bones, strengthening the skeleton and joints

Stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing

Alleviates intestinal and skin conditions

Can be held in the hand or placed as appropriate for long periods of time

Works quickly as an elixir applied to the skin eg for ulcers

Green - good for hypertension, pain and boosts immune system
Orange - balances emotions, good for reproductive and digestive issues
Yellow - brings relaxation, good for meditation
Blue - brings relaxation, good for hypertension and pain, aids communication
White - raises consciousness, cleanses aura and chakras
Pink - encourages unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance


Never needs cleansing

Absorbs, transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy

Activates crown chakra and opens intuition

Increases blood circulation

Energising and recharging - helpful for CFS

Helps with kidney and bladder infections

Relieves constipation

A crystal essence can help with menstrual and menopausal problems

Helps with depressions, fears and phobias

Raises self confidence and self esteem

Enhances concentration


Clear Quartz

Imparts empathy and sensitivity

Stimulated blood circulation

Helps with fertility

Enhances psychic ability

Useful for meditation - filters out distractions

Aids concentration

Called the 'master healer' - can be used for any condition

Stimulates the immune system

Soothes burns


Protects against psychic attack and electromagnetic stress

Draws off negative energies during healing

Heightens intuition

Improves concentration

Aids colds, 'flu and sinusitis

Alleviates arthritis, rheumatism and spinal injuries

Can be made into a crystal essence for viruses




Prevents negative energies entering the aura

Boosts self esteem, willpower and confidence

Helps with overcoming addictions

Stimulates concentration and focus

Enhances memory

Can draw excess heat from the body

Aids circulatory problems eg Raynaud's disease

Can be made into a crystal essence for treating fevers

Helps with anaemia as it stimulates absorption of iron and formation of RBC


Can be used in a chakra layout using the appropriate colours (eg red, green, yellow)

Useful for protection and grounding

Cleanses the aura and the chakras

Aids dowsing

Brings courage, determination and the ability to organise

Yellow - Brings positive energy; energises the endocrine system; stimulates the solar plexus chakra; releases toxins; heals the digestive system
Orange - Stimulates the sacral chakra; brings creativity and enthusiasm
Brown - Useful for alleviating geopathic stress; boosts the immune system; heals skin; facilitates deep meditation; clears toxins
Red - Grounding; helps with dream recall; stimulates the base chakra; detoxifies the circulatory system and liver
Green - Stimulates the heart chakra; helps with skin disorders, digestive problems, bloating and inflammation

Lapis Lazuli

Opens the third eye

Enhances dream work and psychic abilities

Releases stress

Blocks psychic attack

Releases suppressed anger

Alleviates pain, especially migraine

Helps depression

Benefits the throat

Boosts the immune system


Alleviates cramps, menstrual problems and eases labour

Stimulates the liver, so has a detoxifying affect

Alleviates rheumatism

Absorbs negative energies, electromagnetic energy and pollutants easily

Shows what is blocking spiritual growth

Releases inhibitions

Develops empathy

Enhances intuition

Lowers blood pressure

Helps with asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, fractures, travel sickness and vertigo

Enhances the immune system




Promotes intuition and empathy

Calms and balances the emotions

Enhances psychic abilities including clairvoyance

Balances the hormones

Helpful for PMT, conception, pregnancy and breast feeding

Can be taken as an elixir for insomnia


Protects against negativity


Helps with the pain of arthritis

Eliminates confusion

Promotes confidence

Brings past emotions and tension to light to be dealt with

Rose Quartz

Promotes unconditional love, peace and empathy

Helps to release unexpressed emotions eg grief

Strengthens the heart and circulatory system

Increases fertility

Can be used as an elixir to soothe burns and blistering


Heals complaints of the throat, vocal cords and larynx

Lowers blood pressure

Stimulates the pineal and third eye

Deepens meditation

Clears electromagnetic pollution

Brings about emotional balance, calms panic attacks

Cools fevers

Helps insomnia

Boots the immune system

Balances metabolism

Releases fears, phobias, guilt and beliefs which hold one back

Tiger's Eye

Slows down over-stimulated adrenal glands

Pain relieving - dampens over-excited nerves

Stimulates the rise of kundalini

Placed on the third eye can enhance psychic abilities


Clears and balances the chakras

Removes blockages and disperses negative energy

Rebalances the meridians

Promotes self confidence

Releases tension

Transmutes negative thought patterns

Attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity

Black - Grounding; releases tension and stress; encourages a positive attitude; treats arthritis; gives pain relief and realigns the spinal column
Blue - Aids psychic awareness and promotes visions; brings emotions to the surface to be released; prevents negativity from sticking so useful for healers; corrects fluid imbalances; treats the kidneys, bladder, thymus, thyroid and sore throats; helps with insomnia, night sweats, sinusitis and bacterial infections
Brown - Grounding; clears the aura; heals dysfunctional family relationships; strengthens empathy; treats intestinal disorders and skin diseases; stimulates regeneration of entire body
Colourless - Opens the crown chakra; aligns the meridians
Green - Opens the heart chakra; promotes compassion and patience; inspires creativity; draws prosperity and abundance; quietens the mind for sleep; facilities weight loss; relieves CFS and exhaustion; realigns spine and strained muscles; heals constipation and diarrhoea; helps with claustrophobia and panic attacks; calms hyperactive children


Enhances meditation, intuition and communication

Boosts the immune systemn

Stabilises mood swings

Tissue regenerator

Clears electromagnetic smog

Supports the assimilation of nutrients


Created with images by saiberiac - "crystal" • stux - "amethyst violet purple" • steph.clifford - "Beryl - Aquamarine - Zimbabwe" • steph.clifford - "Agate - Blue Lace - Chalcedony - Nambia" • balanced.crafts - "yellow mexican calcite specimen" • Varga - "citrine cluster crystal" • alusruvi - "rock crystal clear to white gem top" • dlofink - "fluorite" • Zajcsik - "mineral hematite iron oxide" • James St. John - "Jasper" • James St. John - "Lapis lazuli (lazuritic metamorphite) (Sar-e-Sang Deposit, Sakhi Formation, Precambrian, 2.4-2.7 Ga (?); Sar-e-Sang Mining District, Hindu-Kush Mountains, Afghanistan) 1" • Mauro Cateb - "Malachites" • jaja_1985 - "Moonstone" • kevinzim - "obsidian" • steph.clifford - "Rose Quartz" • Mauro Cateb - "Sodalite" • steph.clifford - "Tiger's Eye Heart" • Mauro Cateb - "Schorl - Black tourmaline" • Carodean Road Designs - "Dolce Candito"

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