The History Behind the Odyssey By: JUlianna Ramirez

Trojan War
  • The Bronze Age conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean
  • Important event that is narrated in Greek mythology
  • War between the people of Troy and the Greeks
  • Fighting to regain Helen
How it all started..
  • Queen Helen was abducted by Trojan Prince Paris
  • Helen was married to Menelaus
  • Some people say Helen went willingly to Trojan Prince ,but they don't know for sure
  • Menelaus(husband of Helen) tried to convince his brother (Agamemnon) to get an army to try to defeat Troy
Queen Helen one of the fairest goddess .
Major Players in the War
  • Agamemnon was the leader of the Greek forces in the war
  • Odysseus was a wise Greek warrior
  • Achilles was the greatest Greek warrior
  • Ajax was also one of the greatest beside Achilles
  • Aeneas was the only surviving Trojan warrior
Who is Homer?
  • Believed to be the first one to write down the epic stories of The Illad and Odyssey
  • Not exactly sure when he was born,but there is a ranging from 750 BC all the way back to 1200BC
  • Homer was thought to have been blind
  • His stories give in insight into early human society and talk about how little has changed
  • Homer is a mystery to all
Comparing Odyssey
  • Odysseus is coming back in struggle from the Trojan war 10 years later
  • Odysseus and his fellow warriors needed to return to their kingdoms across the sea
  • After that happening it became known as the Odyssey
How it ended...
  • Greeks defeated Troy using a large wooden horse filled with Greek men
  • Greeks convinced Trojans to take the wooden horse through there walls
  • The war lasted about ten years
Works cited

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