Shooting Medium Format A review of the Mamiya rz67 Pro II

This is my dive into film photography. I was looking for something to inspire my photography. The chief complaint I received from my second biggest critic, my wife ,was "that's the same shot four times". And I agree; with 32 GB to spare I can shoot all day withOUT worries. Burn through that and there is two 16 GB backups and a spare battery. Spray and Pray is where my photography was stuck.

I began to do research into film. The usual 35mm. SLR's appeared. I was going to start there; then I read an article online that explained why someone shooting digital should start at medium format. COOL !! Lets look at the offerings. Price is always a major factor into my photo equipment expansion. I'm cheap. I saw the bodies for thirty or forty year equipment at prices ranging from 250 to 3000 USD. I thought this is going to be awhile. Then one day and being that I live in Japan I decided to go on a hunt. During that day of exploration via assistants from google maps; I found this little gem. It only cost me 10000 yen from a little man who son and grandson owns a studio down the street from his vintage camera shop.

The Mamiya was in decent shape and after a good cleaning, search for a battery, and hacking the battery terminals she was ready to shoot.

The process for framing and slowing down to capture the shot in order to not waste film actual brought a new excitement to photography. The slower pace makes me focus on things I would normally SPRAY AND PRAY hoping the image was captured.

The camera is easy to use, so to speak. You have to a few things you normally wouldn't such as advancing film and cocking the shutter thankfully that's on motion on the RZ. The viewfinder is super bright but the image is reversed so moving left sends you right and vice versa. Takes a moment to get used too. Then there's waiting on the film to be developed and scan the negatives into Lightroom. That requires a decent scanner. I picked one that is specific for film from amazon for about a hundred bucks. Its a Canon 9000f and really easy to use coming with software that eases the process. It take about five minutes to scan a photo but completely worth it.

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