Evolution By: Nelli and Gus

Rock Strata

Different layers of sedimentary rock.

The oldest fossils are usually found in the bottom of the rock strata. This is only true for undisturbed layers.

There are two ways of finding a fossils age, relative dating and absolute dating. Relative dating is when you use other fossils, which you know the age of, to compare another fossil with it to find out its age. Absolute dating is when you use radioactive dating to find the age of a fossil. This is to find the precise age of It.

Radioactive Dating: Used to trace when the material was made or created

Comparing Fossils

Human Skull Australopithecus Afarensis

They both have large eyes. They use their eyes to see their predators. They don't want to die so being able to see your predator helps you a lot more than only being able to hear your predators. Only being able to hear can be a problem when there are other noises around you. You don't have to worry about that if you are able to see.

We are able to see that they both came from a common ancestor. These skulls are related because their skulls look similar. They both have eyes that look alike and noses too.

These skulls have a recent common ancestor because they have the same head features. The sizes of the heads are the only things that are different.

Comparing Embryos

1. Human 2. Elephant 3. Mouse 4. Dog

Some similarities between the Embryos are that they all have eyes, hands, and feet/legs. They may look different but in the pictures you are able to point out their hands and feet/legs.

Some differences are their sizes and shapes. The dog is much more smaller than the elephant. The baby and the elephant have different head shapes. The elephant has a longer nose and the baby has a bigger head.

We think that the mouse and the dog are the ones that look alike more. Their heads look like the same shape and their snouts look like the same size and shape.

We think that they have a common ancestor that's older than 1,000,000 because they all are different in one way. You'd have to go a long way back in time to find a common ancestor. The elephant has a trunk while humans don't and the mouse and dog have a snout instead of a trunk.

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