We build clever things. introducing our smart SAP cloud software solutions

We are a dynamic team with big ideas. Our expert cloud integration consultants and dedicated research and development team work together to create innovative software products and solutions. That work in the real world as well as in dream world.

Our mission is to reduce complexity through improving existing technology models. We believe in working towards a simpler future, not just for business, but for the world. Through our innovative cloud technology, blockchain developments and internet of things capabilities, the possibilities are endless.

Meet our innovative SAP Cloud adapters
Say "hi" to our super smart SharePoint Online adapter.

As the world turns away from traditional licensing models opting instead for SaaS, Office 365 is one of the biggest players in the world of work.

Our SharePoint adapter enables you to smoothly integrate your SAP Cloud Platform Integration with your SharePoint Online platform, allowing your organization to grow geographically with security and stability. So, you can sync, track and relax.

Key features.

  • Secure connection with OAuth 2.0
  • Integration with custom drive types
  • Execute crud-operations on files
  • File sharing capabilities
  • Chunking mode for uploading large files
  • Support for XML and Json payload
  • Detailed trace for extra logs
  • Query parameters to search and filter data
  • Delta token for change history results

What it does.

Our innovative adapter simplifies integration processes between SharePoint Online and other applications, while vastly reducing implementation time.

  • Multiple system publication of documents
  • Multi system synchronization of documents
  • Document management and search capabilities
  • Securely retrieve and read and edit documents

Why choose our SharePoint Online Adapter?

Organizations are complexed, information sharing machines. Documents are often stored in fragmented ways, across multiple cloud and localized applications.

We want to fine tune your organization by creating one centralized document management hub. So you can search, source and create important documents, easily and accessibly.

Create an intelligent, data connected organization.
World, meet our ServiceNow Adapter.

Our ServiceNow adapter enables seamless integration between ServiceNow and other cloud and on-premise systems using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services.

Key Features.

  • Secure connection with basic authentication
  • Execute Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on any tables
  • Automatic conversion for JSON/XML
  • Detailed Trace for extra logs
  • Query parameters to search and filter specific data
  • And many more...

What it does.

Our innovative adapter simplifies integration processes between ServiceNow and SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services, giving you real-time insight into critical service processes. Collaborate efficiently with departments and resolve issues faster.

  • Manage IT service relationships across your IT infrastructure
  • Synchronize service tickets between your on-premise applications and ServiceNow
  • Improve IT service delivery by retrieving records to streamline Incident Management
  • Consolidate Incident, Problem, And Change Management.
  • Simplify IT Service Delivery by consolidating the request and tracking of IT services
  • Orchestrate and perform integration logic between multiple applications

Why choose our ServiceNow Adapter?

Services Management has never been more efficient, effective, and powerfully automated. It offers you the opportunity to create greater workflow efficiency within your organization, through streamlining vital business processes. Enabling you to become an agile and dynamic, digital enterprise.

Introducing our Salesforce Adapter.

Our Salesforce adapter enables you to smoothly integrate your SAP HCI with your Salesforce platform, enabling the stable and secure flow of data. CRM has never been more efficient, effective, and easy to maintain.

Key Features.

  • Supports 18 versions of Salesforce
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
  • Implementation accelerators for Eclipse
  • Custom Salesforce integration features
  • Automatic event streaming notifications
  • And so much more...

What it does.

Our innovative adapter simplifies integration processes between Salesforce and other applications, meaning you can have peace of mind when it comes to stable, secure, customer data synchronization.

  • Orchestrate and perform integration logic between multiple systems
  • Synchronize transactional and master data
  • Consolidate data for CRM migration
  • Retrieve data reports and dashboards
  • Manage order flow to Salesforce
  • Process batches for large data sets
  • Real-time events streaming
  • Aggregate data for compliance or auditing
  • Invoice creation for successful opportunities
  • Integration with cloud, legacy systems and IoT

Why choose our Salesforce Adapter?

Companies pour millions into CRM, but many initiatives won’t succeed. Synchronizing custom CRM data and integrating it into your sales forecasts and campaigns is exactly what our adapter offers to keep your Sales people up-to-date and motivated.

Meet our MQTT Adapter for IoT scenarios

There is no denying the potential and vastness of the Internet of Things. It is estimates by 2020 there will be close to 50 billion connected devices to the internet.

Our MQTT adapter enables and supports the end-to-end connectivity of IoT devices to your SAP landscape, providing you with endless possibilities to enrich your existing business processes and lead your market with innovative business models.

Key Features.

  • Support for consumption and publishing of messages via the MQTT protocol
  • Support for security including basic authentication and encryption with SSL and TLS
  • Support for multiple Quality of Service (QoS) levels
  • Supports subject-based or topic filtering of messages
  • Enabled topic wildcards to allow the simultaneous subscription to multiple topics
  • Possibility to maintain messages
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Support for MQTT version 3.1.1 and MQTT version 3.1
  • Persist session
  • Detailed trace

What it does.

With our MQTT adapter, you can integrate SAP HCI to unlimited possibilities of connected devices, machine-to-machine networks and the Internet of Things in constrained environments.

  • Marketing and sales: Flexible billing and pricing models
  • Product development: Connected product quality analysis
  • Operation and manufacturing: Real-time asset and material tracking
  • Customers: Dashboard for tracking usage and performance of products
  • Information and operational technology: Seamless IoT data integration
  • Service and support: Condition-based predictive maintenance and service

Why choose our MQTT Adapter?

Creating an agile, dynamic, progressive organization is within reach. The MQTT adapter allows you to connect and enhance current business processes as well as improve, and disrupt, current business models. Prepare for the digitally connected business future with our Internet of Things enabling adapter.

How about a swanky Office 365 Calendar & Mail Adapter?

As the world turns away from traditional licensing models opting instead for SaaS, Office 365 is one of the biggest players in the world of work.

Optimize your business productivity by integrating with the most widely used professional cloud application by Microsoft.

Key Features.

  • Supports multiple Office 365 APIs exposed by Microsoft Graph
  • Perform create, read, update and delete operations on all Office 365 entities
  • Secure OAuth 2.0 connection
  • Adheres to user specific permissions by conforming to the roles set up in the Office 365 tenant
  • Incorporates the Office 365 messaging functionalities
  • Detailed query filters to retrieve specific data, e.g. your last week Outlook Calendar event invites labeled as high importance
  • Supports automatic XML- and time zone conversion
  • Detailed Trace for extra logs

What it does.

Our innovative adapter simplifies and seamless integrates your business processes between Outlook Office 365 and other (SAP) applications, so you can focus on more on the business functionality and less on the underlying technology.

  • Access data from multiple Microsoft cloud services, including Exchange Online as part of Office 365
  • Integrate with the known Office entities and relationships, such as Office 365 users, groups, files, mail, calendars, events and personal contacts
  • Trigger or act on Office 365 Outlook emails, message and alerts
  • Synchronize data from any Human Resource software product with Microsoft’s Office 365

Why choose our Office 365 Mail & Calendar Adapter?

Businesses are always looking to improve productivity by crafting efficient business processes and using the best productivity tools. By plugging in our Office 365 adapter you enrich the processes and business systems you are using today. Smoothly integrate with all the known Office entities to get things synchronized and done throughout your organization.

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