On The Epiphany By:Austin Campanile 1-13-17, i have niether given nor received umauthoriZed help on this work.

How Spain Celebrates Epiphany

In Spain they celebrate Epiphany on January 6th, the Spanish also call Three Kings Day. The Three Kings refers to the gospel of Matthew when a group of Kings traveled from far lands bearing three gifts to baby Jesus after following a star.

In Spain the children write letters to the three kings asking them things that they would like them to bring for them. Also on the eve of Epiphany January 5 they leave polished shoes, sweets and milk/wine for the three kings and there live modes of transportation. Also in Spain on the day of Epiphany they will have big celebrations/parades for the three kings.

In Spain they also have a tradition where they hide one figuren of Jesus and one dried bean into separate roscón, which is a donut shaped sweet cake. Who ever finds Jesus is the king or queen of the house that day, and who ever finds the dried bean has to buy the roscón for the next years celebration of Epiphany.



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